Celebrities you would like to see in the jungle


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If you had a choice of putting any celebrity in the world to be in a second series of "I'm A Celebrity AU" (God willing ;):)) who would you like to see?

I would actually like to see some of the celebrities that were rumoured to be going in this season like:
  • Melissa Joan Hart
  • Ben from Brisbane
  • Rob Mills :shy:
I would love Tricia Walsh Smith from "Pineapple Dance Studios" to go in.

She was rumoured to go on the UK version (she released a single about it as well) but she never did. I think she would be soooooo good. She would be freaking hilarious and entertaining!

Hotness factor:
  • Jason Dundas
  • Kevin Pietersen (really nice guy as well)
  • Ben Milbourne


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I would introduce the Australian audience to Gillian McKeith. :D

Realistically, do you think we have any chance of getting Janice Dickinson to give it a third go?


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Dr Chris and Julia Morris. Brad McEwan from 10 news because I have a bit of a crush on him. Dennis Lillee for the same reason.
Richard Hammond and/or James May. Magda Szubanski, Judith Lucy. Gary Sweet. Rebecca Judd, haha.


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Watching the Neighbours 30th Anniversary Special - Craig McLaughlin was born to be on I'm a Celebrity. Just saying.


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I'd be getting up at that time if I was on nights. I'd been up since 330am and had to get up at 330am again this morning. I had hit a wall and was asleep on my feet.