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Big Brother UK 2016 - Starts 7th June 2016

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It was - five years ago. It's by far the longest reigning set BBUK has had to it was long overdue replacing, though I'd have like to have seen it repurposed as the entrance to the house.

As for the doors to the other house - they're just fire exits / crew doors. The main door is opposite the eviction studio.


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Tellymix :
For the latest series, the Diary Room will be shared between the show's TWO houses.

They'll have to be really careful with the placement of the doors, lest the two sets of housemates find out about each other.

However with the life expectancy of Big Brother Launch twists being about 4.6 femtoseconds, it won't be long until the two sets find out about each other.



BBUK now has a snapchat, new tasks including fishguts and Rylan may have let slip that Big Brother will be evil again. Yay...

Because that an original idea... /s
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