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  1. Brekkie

    Channel 4 "in talks" to bring back BBUK

    A throwaday comment in an interview or a sign that Big Brother could one day return to it's rightful home: https://deadline.com/2019/12/ian-katz-on-big-brother-the-circle-e4-1202808702/amp/?__twitter_impression=true I do think it'll return to C4 one day, but not quite yet - and I think it...
  2. Brekkie

    C4 Big Brother doc: The Reality Star that Changed Britain

    Not sure if this is out there yet via the usual sources but last night C4, the original Big Brother UK broadcaster, began a three-part documentary called Jade Goody: The Reality Star that Changed Britain. A quick reminder that Jade was a housemate in BB3 back in 2002, one who very much divided...
  3. Brekkie

    Emma Willis. Friday nights. Channel 4.

    It's now confirmed. Live shows on Friday night, Emma Willis at the helm. £100,000 prize. One winner. Yes, it's back. The Circle that is. For those who don't know The Circle was C4's first real attempt at a stripped reality show since it ditched Big Brother in 2010. The twist is the...
  4. Brekkie

    BBUK axed again - to end this year

    Both the Daily Star and The Sun, both as reliable as each other, though the latter at least usually accurate on such things, are reporting C5 have axed Big Brother, with it to end this summer. This is pretty much no surprise to anyone - they've ignored the fans ever since they resurrected it...
  5. Brekkie

    Channel 5 boss doesn't want BBUK on his channel

    http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb20/news/0825/channel-5-director-programmes-ben-frow-admits-he-would-be-happier-if-the-broadcaster-didnt-air-big-brother-uk C5 boss Ben Frow said yesterday he'd rather that Big Brother didn't air on his channel, that it was a show he inherited and he'd rather the...
  6. Brekkie

    Big Brother UK 2016 - Starts 7th June 2016

    Time for a new thread as pre-season really gets into gear - it's been confirmed today the series will begin week commencing 4th June - so probably the 9th or the 10th based on previous seasons. It had been expected to be delayed a few more weeks due to the building work (new additional house...