Channel 5 boss doesn't want BBUK on his channel


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C5 boss Ben Frow said yesterday he'd rather that Big Brother didn't air on his channel, that it was a show he inherited and he'd rather the channel create it's own content than air cast off from other channels (BBUK originated on C4). He then said the show was in "decline, decline, decline" - though failed to acknowledge it's decisions by Channel 5 which have led to that state.

BBUK's current contract with C5 ends next year after 8 years on the channel. After yesterdays announcement, and with ratings dropping significantly over the last couple of years, it's not expected to be renewed. It's also pretty much damaged goods now so unlikely anyone would pick it up in the short term - but that would be a good thing. Endemol should never have taken it straight from C4 to C5 - it needed time off air and had it been given a few years out I'm sure by now it would probably have returned to C4 and be in a fairly strong state.


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They certainly ruined it to the point that even I stopped watching it.