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Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

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I'd prefer it was back on Channel 10, the more natural home for Big Brother.
I don't disagree with you but from the look of your post I think you're setting your expectations too high. This is BBAU's second revival and if it's going to stick around for more than just a handful of series somethings got to give... I'd much rather welcome a fresh take on the format than a rehashing of the same old BB. Change isn't a bad thing... It's inevitable.



David Knox explains,Endemol casting.........

9 has a few weeks left to option rights and expected to dump it as they have other stuff, Love Island especially
7 is bidding.

Just hope 9 back right off, the worst RTV producers on the planet
But 7! Egads, they will make it USA style I bet, and as much like Survivor in a house as they can, likely to be tribes
That is 7's cheap style, RTV combative, soapy drama

Who gets it better sign Julia Zemiro as host, she has worked for 7 on that shit singing show, she is smart like Gretel, she brings cred and a younger viewers, plus 30 & 40 year olds love her

Anyone who is applying, please tell.......can you apply for others????

Quoting myself from the other audition thread.......9 still has the option, but must have made it clear they don't want it anymore and 10 past on it, since they are doing so well with their quality RTV now.....9 has the trash scummiest soapy/scripted RTV all sown up, 10 has the quality
(after ABC/SBS real experiments Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds being the highlight of 2019).

Can see 7 making it into something very odd & combative, 7 is in the limbo 10 used to occupy

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Just a snippet from ESA's hiring postings way back in June 2019:

Of note is this (emphasis mine) :

"ll applicants must be proficient in AVID Media Composer, have experience in developing and editing stories from unstructured content, multi-cam experience, a good sense of music editing, and be able to work in a fast-paced, quick turnaround, team environment."
Oh how I've missed all you supersleuths!


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I find it odd that they're using a lot of photos of Gretel in the news articles about the return. I don't think I've seen any Sonia at all.


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So how does the production work with Endemol and a Network?

Does Endemol create the show and then sell it a network, or does a network say they want to air a show and ask endemol for the rights and production?


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So how does the production work with Endemol and a Network?

Does Endemol create the show and then sell it a network, or does a network say they want to air a show and ask endemol for the rights and production?
I'm also very confused by this because the news reports imply Endemol is going ahead despite not having a network to air it. The only conclusion I can draw is that Seven has confirmed they will take it, but Nine has first right of refusal and might still grab it back. Even possible a bidding war is now in progress? Maybe Nine is bluffing and playing games to make Seven pay above the odds lol.


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It's going to be weird not allowing the public to vote who they want out. So much money is made from the public voting surely they wouldn't can it completely? Taking control away from the viewers doesn't seem very logical to me. Gah I want answers now 😂


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Now I'm wondering if 10 has bumped I'm a Celeb and bringing back BB in its spot? Need to keep an eye on the Upfronts!
They had I'm A Celeb in a promo of some of their shows coming in the next year so I doubt they have bumped and Beverley McGarvey the women who runs Ten at the moment has been reported to not be a fan of BB. 7 is the most likely choice.


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It's a shame it won't be back at Dreamworld, I hope they'll still have love audiences.
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