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Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

Lightning McQueen

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probably Ari now that I have caught up with the show. Sid doesn’t seem to really be aligned with anyone in particular that I have noticed.

Sid is proving to be a valuable number, the opposing alliances will keep him a little longer, until they don't think they can trust him any more.

I agree it's probably Ari going.


So Dramatic! have said on IG that it's Tilly & Ari in the Mirror Room who will be offered to walk out with a red ruby. I'm guessing Ari would plus he's not in the promo for this week at all, whereas Tilly is...


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Isn't one of the rules generally in promoting anything is that you tease the first part rather than the last. All this "shocking eviction" "emotional eviction" etc. promotion just makes the evictions anything but.