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Big Brother Australia 2021: Final 3 (contains spoilers)


Seems you were right on this one!
Pretty sure the Dan / Marley alliance strengthens through the show from here. I recall a few weeks ago when Dan was posting about getting attacked, one of the posts was Marley defending Dan. If they had gotten to the end on bitter terms or non allied terms, I just doubt that would have happened. Subtle but gives the pathway a lean in my mind.

Keen to see it play out, and hope to see Marley become more of a character moving forward.

D Space

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I'm starting to see Marley as unlikeable, as he has sided with the Jess alliance. I wouldn't bet on him tbh. But it's still early days eh. Anything could happen with the propaganda shoved down our throats ;)


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Still baffles me how the bookies are allowed to take money on people who aren't even in the run for the win.
Thank you! I'm a Yank visiting (since 3 May 2021). I'm in a BBusa chatroom since 2008. We watched BBcan when someone said, hey the final 3 of BBaus was just revealed. So I've been asking myself the same question. Why are people betting? Bookies take money because people give it to them. btw my Yank friends forbade me from revealing any spoilers, but they love the ratings LOL

Lightning McQueen

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So if the final 3 of Daniel, Marley and SJ proves to be true, it's going to be hard to actually pick someone to even back as a winner, let alone predict the winner.

Daniel - universally hated, would only be voted for by the most sadistic viewers, probably seen as a goat by the other two.
Marley - the season's wallpaper, done very little except win an occasional challenge. May get some votes from the G force if he takes his shirt off. Probably seen as a goat by the other two.
SJ - Not the traditional type to attract a lot of votes. Has proved to be a backstabber at times. Bit of a whack job. Probably seen as a goat by the other two.

Who do you vote for among three goats?


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I don't think Daniel is hated at all. Controversial, but he has a lot of fans judging by the Facebook comments. SJ was seen much more favourably last week after she turned on Jess (who is the most hated right now). Marley is perceived as a nice guy but also boring. I don't think SJ will win, and it will probably come down to whether people will vote for Daniel because he's "The Only One Playing The Game" or Marley when he gives his inevitable teary confessional about losing his father and "winning the game for him and to support my mum" ala Chad last year.