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Big Brother AU Greatest Moments

Who's side are you on?

  • Team Michael

    Votes: 10 45.5%
  • Team Gretel

    Votes: 12 54.5%

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Yeah, Nah.
Who could forget that look on Brigitte's face when Terrence walked into the BB house back in 2008! Pretty unforgettable priceless moment...lol

I miss the cheering crowd so much!! This shit we're being served up is nothing like BB of old.

Lightning McQueen

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We haven't had an update on some of the best moments for a while, so

One of (in my opinion) the two best nominations ever on Big Brother Australia... Ironically, this one was not by a housemate.

Who could forget Phil Dormer, Tim Dormer's father? My expectations of his nomination on Tim's behalf were far exceed-Ed.

Watch from 23:25 (sadly the video is split in two so you also have to watch the start of the next one too...)


Lightning McQueen

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Estelle listening to Michael's nomination, finding out what he really thinks, then subsequently nominating him right back (getting him enough points to actually be up) is a close second 💪



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lmao ... you don't use a toothbrush up your nose? ... I love the Krystal(BB4) Christie Brigitte Tilly role on BBAU
I love that role too. The variations you've mentioned are all quite different but it is hilarious. Brigitte was so entertaining. When Saxon used the hand grenade to take all her clothes away lol