Big Brother 21 Brazil


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This Sunday's nominations:

Caio chose Rodolffo to be immune this week.

Karol, this week's HOH, has chosen Sarah to be directly dominated for eviction.
Sarah, who also had the power to choose someone else to be directly dominated for eviction alongside her, chose Dilson (Nego Di).

Other nominations:
Lumena → Juliette
Pocah → Gilberto
Vitória → Fiuk
Nego Di → Juliette
Camilla → Caio
Fiuk → Arthur
Projota → Thaís
Carla → Lumena
João → Projota
Arthur → Fiuk
Juliette → Lumena
Sarah → Fiuk
Thaís → Projota
Rodolffo → Fiuk
Gilberto → Arthur
Caio → Fiuk

With a total of 5 votes, Fiuk is also nominated for eviction alongside Nego Di and Sarah. One of these three will be evicted this Tuesday.

Karol had to pick a name from a box with all houseguests' names, and she drew Carla. She chose Nego Di to reveal his vote.
Karol then had to pick another name from the same box, and Pocah was picked. She chose Gilberto to reveal his vote.
And then she had to pick a third name, and she drew Arthur. He chose Fiuk to reveal his vote.


Nego was evicted with 98,76% :oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:



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Didn't realise this was still going - missing World of Big Brother for keeping track of the dates and series. Seen that Big Brother Housemates Play Survivor starts soon - I guess immediately off the back of this series then.


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Always find it quite odd in Brazil how quite often a three way eviction or final vote is split with the winner or evictee getting 90% plus, especially when it's out of so many votes (633m!!!)