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Big Brother 21 Brazil


Canadian Royality
The promos seem to be giving me the impression HM’s will be playing virtually? Or is the use of computer graphics just a coincidence?


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Are they paired up - Youtube intros seem to be in pairs.
No, they're not paired up, at least not for now. The Youtube intros all show two house guests, one from the "famous" group and one from the "non-famous" group.

Also, before the house guests move in, fans are voting to give 3 house guests of each group immunity for the first week.


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The public, through an online vote, has chosen Arthur, Juliette, Lumena, Fiuk, Projota and Viih Tube to get immunity for the first week. None of those can be voted out and they will all have to choose a single person to be nominated for eviction on the first week.



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