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Big Brother 2020: Housemates


Somehow I Still Believe
The media can't be played. Obviously they are worried about us seeing all the bogans and upsetting our delicate natures so they deleted the videos.


Bucking the system
The media can't be played. Obviously they are worried about us seeing all the bogans and upsetting our delicate natures so they deleted the videos.
Try the links to twitter above each preview.

I don't seem to be able to include the links without the forum software adding the preview. @Tim 🤔 @marquisite
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Canadian Royality
According to a TvBlackbox article, the ad played in all states. And Channel 7 would start doing 'suprise reveals of housemates' over the coming weeks.

Did we not just go over this? If you’re going to post TVBlackBox articles here to please copy and paste the article so we aren’t driving traffic to that godawful website.


Somehow I Still Believe
I saw no bogan behaviour from him on think tank. Though maybe in the house he'll start wearing flannelette, grow a mullet, and start belting out cold chisel songs with a VB in his hand. If he does be sure to close your eyes in case you start to faint.


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
They should’ve just got the entire Think Tank crew. Paul McDermott to host.
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James T

Your eviction prediction priestess™
Why is Angela literally the best out them all so far???? All of them look so fucking boring like there's gonna be no fights at all at this stage..

James T

Your eviction prediction priestess™
If Channel 7 and Endemol just owned the fact they're producing BIG BROTHER and put in the people you expect to see on BIG BROTHER, they'd rate gangbusters!!


The Legit Boss 💵
Cast has been good so far but none of them standout. I want to see iconic peops like Ika, Neda, Nikki and Rachel Rielly. Otherwise the cast is gonna be forgettable and be just like any other show.

Angela's my fave so far. She reminds me exactly of Makosi. I wonder if that was their intentions when putting her in..


A mneumonic fashion statement perhaps? I don't know Makosi, but do get a sense of Angela front and centre of early drama as a highly combustible fireball who doesn't back down easily. Big brother had better not be trolling with this one.

Wonder if they're revealing contestants on the basis of primacy and recency memory recall effects kicking in for launch?


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These housemates are so stale. Production is trying so hard not to cast stereotypes but....I mean... stereotypes are usually fundamental and basic representations of society. These people look like they're boutta vote according to mateship or sumn... essentially making the new format and episode count useless. I mean let's be real, it's survivor in a house so gameplay is their number one storyline/motivator. If they're not going to play the game then it'll literally be nothing groundbreaking or new. The rumours of production not liking the housemates are seeming more likely by the day. 6EEB6596-B765-4C62-8CE4-86C60119986D.jpeg