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Big Brother 2020 has finished.

James T

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I wonder if they're taking advantage of the fact people are locked in their houses during the weekend and have burned out on Netflix and need something to rate on weekends now they don't have AFL until the start of June..


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What do we think the repeated use of the word Hello means in the previews?
Could be actual voice clips of the HMs meeting each other?

They seem to be ramping up the promos.

Could it be happening sooner than we think?
Yeah I noticed this as well and am starting to think the same. Not sure how that will work with House Rules now airing.


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The voices in the promos sound similar to the disguised speaking voices in the The Masked Singer Australia.


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When Sonia was on the morning show a couple of weeks ago she did say it was going to be starting very soon, which was when she stated she had her fingers crossed they would get it in the can before any further COVID-19 disruptions occurred. The rate of teasers is synonymous with an imminent air date announcement.


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I’m staying at my parents place for this period - wasn’t really coping at home all day and night alone and not seeing anyone - anyway, they still watch Home and Away and the latest teaser just came on during the commercial break. So I think it’s safe to say it will be on very soon.


I was wondering when the leaks would start.... surely people would realise a mate’s gone missing for several weeks and join the dots. Maybe we’ll start getting more leaks... that’s what happens when you don’t film live, Seven.


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Dailymail didn;t realize they had no stories on Tammy Hembrow (because no social media posts) around the same time?