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Big Brother 2020 has begun


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Also there is far too much pink and purple color for the actual logo... tells me it would more likely be a femisim with lesbos and gays in the show just like monkeys for your enjoyment and i wont be watching that as i am not wanting to careless to know if your straight or gay .. I just want a normality PERSON and not a ICON person with a peacock over your head. Seriously im so frustraed about this big brother australia. Australia have never been that good at making shows... austrlaia tempt to copy american and british shows... but at the end of the day the australian version shows usually sucks by 90 percent.. Go figuire that out specially the wining money games on channel 7 and channel 9.... most of these shows are british or american.. but Australia tries so hard.. ah yes... we can see that.
Ma’am we know damn well you’re part of the limp wrist community


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Like is aid on the other part. The show is been recorded.. why bother watch the show recorded months old. That be like old news and nothing special about that. Because at the end of all people will end up trying to figure out who won and who came out and who came in and what happen even before the show even ends when it televised for us nation. So it's pointless.. i feel that the show might not even be a true big brother... but rather more a game show big brother style instead of the usual thing.
I enjoyed watching Too Hot to Handle and I am now convinced that pre-recorded reality still has the potential to be good.
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