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Best & Worst Dressed On The Finale?


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The fellas all scrubbed up very well in their tuxes/suits.
Out of the girls, the best dressed were Priya, Aisha and Cat.
Worst dressed? Not sure there were any atrocious dresses.


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Wasn't the right shade of red for Priya. The gown swamped her. Her eviction one was better.
Cat looked lovely as did Aisha and Lina although I didn't like the colours except the pink. Sandra needed a bit of a heel and her gown did nothing for her. With her smaller bust and more muscly build, she would've looked better in what Lisa wore. What's with the compulsion to expose chests and bosoms? I wish Penny's top was attached to a flowing full length skirt in the same fabric. Sensational. Mind you she does have excellent legs to carry off the shorts. I didn't like Jake's shoes.


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I actually liked what lisa was wearing.
And Sandra.
Didn't like the colour of marinas dress but she looked really pretty.
Gemma was supposed to wear green grrrr
Jakes chains? Wtf


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Maybe the producers vetoed it for some reason ie green screen or was just ugly.
I also get the feeling the production team did have something to do with what they were wearing. Don't know why just a feeling. I imagine Gemma will confirm for us though :)


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I also get the feeling the production team did have something to do with what they were wearing. Don't know why just a feeling. I imagine Gemma will confirm for us though :)
I have a feeling they were definitely told what to wear for the night. I can't really put my finger on it though, they all seemed to have a "theme" and their clothes all seemed like something they would wear, but wouldn't pick out. Lisa's weird trench coat dress thing, Penny's jumpsuit, Sandra's neckline, the cut of Gemma's dress and her shoes, Jake's chain, Priya's flowing dress - they all seemed to fit their style but be just different enough that they didn't pick them out. I mainly thought the shoes (Gemma's and Priya's mainly) were picked out for them, and then it made me think about the rest of the outfits. I thought they all looked fantastic.


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Lisa's look didn't really suit her, and her new boyfriend Jake should've left that tacky ass gold chain at home. Also disappointed that Gemma didn't get to wear the green dress that she picked out after @Frankyfurt advised her on it as I feel like the white was a bit "meh." They should've let Gemma's hair down from that bun too, but I feel like they did it like that to make her look more recognisable because she does look quite different (and much better) with her hair down.

I can't really remember much else. I do agree that it was the wrong shade of red for Priya. David's suit looked a bit too big for him. I dunno. I will say though that a lot of them looked quite uncomfortable.


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To me it seemed as if they were themed in warm colours, white and gold. If Gemma had worn green, it wouldn't have gone with the rest of the housemates.


I agree that Lisa looked beautiful apart from her dress, she should've just worn her after party dress to the show.
Katie looked way too fake for me, she was much prettier on the show when she looked more natural.