Episode BBVIP 2021 - Episode 1 Discussion (1 November, 7:30pm) - 12 "VIPs" enter

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Thanks timmy. It was just the "calibre" of celebs which didnt really garner my interest. Dont even know most of them but I am admittedly out of the loop on these things. Its a good thing to learn about the housemates and watch dynamics develop.


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That was a good first episode. I didn't expec to like Caitlin. Definitely self absorbed - the way should would just bring up certain stories about Kanye or whatever. But I found her entetaining. Had a few laughs all round. Funny gags with the half sized floor and air conditioning vent!

Exceeding my expections so far.


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This was an awesome episode!
I loved it how we actually had some time to get to know the celebrity housemates as opposed to sitting through never ending house tasks!


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What a crappy hotel. Lift breaks down, bedroom is like a backpackers hostel and the food ends up in the tip. I hope Omarosa leaves a filthy review on TripAdvisor
Now that deserved more kudos than it got.

We’ve learnt more about this cast in 1 hour than we did about the entire past 2 season’s housemates. More of this plz.
It's as if the fans who have said all along the show would benefit from evictions every other episode actually know what they're talking about.

I just realised, they didn't even bother to tell us what charities they're playing for during their short intros.
They're playing for their agents.

P.S. 10 pages for a launch show - that says it all!


Cannot stand Jenner...and oh boy, must have had script approval as well as the most dollars
The attempt to manipulate me was a dismal too obvious joke
Don’t worry Jenner we will make the audience love you, you will look like a good natured victim, then a hero, then a team person.

The nobody factor is very high, Luke and the Americans that’s it
They better be good to Luke
Omariso i find amusing, and how weird Markham seems quite likeable

What is that parent thing on 9, sounds suss, if they have kids in it