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Episode BBAU 2023 Uncut - Week 2 Discussion

This season is...

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So Zach's been in a man-man-lady threesome (there's a Flight of the Conchords reference there)
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&play was messing up and I missed this stuff in last night's episode. Was it much different than what was shown?
Just catching up now…

Lewis & Gracie-may in the naughty chairs.

These two are my favourite housemates. I wish they could’ve been on a better season.

Also, more footage of Lewis’ BD ploise…
They’re being coy with the full frontal nudity unfortunately. I want to see a proper cock shot.
Yeah I didn't originally think they'd show any at all tbh, until Sonia confirmed there'd be full frontal. Looks like fleeting glimpses will be it.
Watching it now. 50 minutes tonight! They couldve advertised it in the blurb as 50 Shades of BB... but based on last weeks content, will it live up to that...

Designer Shoes vs Knockoff Shoes plus extended footage of the clothes in the pool makes the cut this episode... and its dawned on me, 'Uncut' can also mean non-sexual references/nudity related extended footage.

Like earlier BBUK I've been watching, had a weekly episode called 'Diary Room Uncut' which was mostly extended footage of the Diary Room Interactions and a few other scenes thrown in now and then.

It's just that in Australia since the OG 2001 days 'BB Uncut' has obviously from the get go been synonymous with the graphic adult/sexual discussions and nudity that couldn't be shown earlier.
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