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Episode BBAU 2023 - Episode 15 & 16 Discussion (double header)

…the what do you think of Polls Poll…

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…evenin’ all… and so the pain continues… cheers.
The pain we love to inflict, Mr Sticky🕵🏼‍♂.

Those sisters have a sassiness about them. I initially found Tay the most attractive but the sister with the raspy voice grew on me. And they are the perfect heartbreaker. Stab a guy in the heart! I would not feel confident that girls like that would not cheat on you at work or wherever. Something about that whole experience brings past heartache up big time for me.
Excitement Levels for tonight's double lol:

Were getting to the hectic end of the season

if two guys get evicted today then both the girls will go back in, or maybe one? I think it's a gender balance play by producers.
I think its maybe something to do with temptation if the promo was anything to go by? Or its edited to look related but really its just the task for today.
…”your decisions today could have severe consequences for you”… what?… an extra week of having to stay in the house longer as punishment or something?… cheers.
They're playing it like Ferret Face might go, but I don't see it happening.
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