Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 2 Discussion (10 May, 7:30pm)

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“I bounced the idea off Sam, she said ‘brilliant’… then I’m like ‘cool, let’s pretend we don’t know each other and go make some hell of TV’.I didn’t realise I was going to be used as a doormat, a f*cking stepping stone.”

Player gets played.

Inigo Montoya

The New Dread Pirate Roberts.
Thoughts as I watch...
Very nice convo between Tim and Johnston about BB fandom.
Josh annoys me. He said he is here to play, but is obsessing over Sam. I've got news for you Josh. I've seen the ads. Obvs drew gets her, not you!

Tim I've missed you! I wonder how he will go with the strategy.

Gosh Estelle looks amazing! She hasn't aged at all.
Haha Reggie not into saying grace.

Drew admitting his BB story revolves around Tim and Tully.

Fuck I forgot how many guys Layla hooked up with. Side not I have the same dress she is wearing.

So the new set of OG HMs are staying in the sewer? Love that they can cause leaks of water into the house... On the HMs pillows!!!!

Can Josh just shut up. I thought he was here to play, not cry. Oh god he's just asked to be nominated. He reminds me of a 13 year old girl.

It's challenge time already. This version of the game is very much centred around strategy and game play.

Haha the J squad is already cracking. This is why you should never make an alliance on day one. You need to get to know people first.

Very survivor like endurance challenge. Hopefully a girl can win.

Damm Joel won. Boring, will probably nominate all girls again.

Nice Josh is nominated. Shocked that Estelle got nominated and not Tim.

Hmm Tim is on the right path. Josh is one that could beat Joel. Damm Tim's good. Hopefully he can get the numbers.

I know Sam stays, coz she hooks up with Drew, I hope Estelle doesn't go. Feel bad for her.

I know Reggie needs help when walking around coz she can't see, she looks so iconic having a man ascort her around. Love it.

Oh nice a tie, I know Josh is going.

Yeah confirmed Josh is gone. The ads totally spoiled it for me.

Now onto the next episode


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Josh says he arranged for Sam to be in the house.

He says he bounced the idea off Sam first. So they both knew they each were going to be on the show.
And yet when they first saw each other they freaked out and made a pact to not tell anyone (which she was uncomfortable with)....why would they do that if they already knew, as he claimed....
Ordinarily I wouldn’t say anything but when someone gets an edit this heavy, it’s just not cool.
Hello Estelle!...I'd say the edit favoured the drama as they always do but his own words and actions made that edit all too easy
(Just catching up on episodes....hope you get a clean run to the end :)
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