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Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 17 Discussion (13 June, 7:30pm)

Which OG have you most changed your opinion about since their original season?

  • Reggie

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tim

    Votes: 17 24.6%
  • Dave

    Votes: 4 5.8%
  • Estelle

    Votes: 15 21.7%
  • Tully

    Votes: 16 23.2%
  • Drew

    Votes: 17 24.6%
  • Trevor

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Layla

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
I was about to vote for Drew saying I had changed my mind most about him as I thought a lot of his behaviour had been bad and he's coming across as grumpy and whilst some of that may be the case I think he just mostly looking for something to attach to/fall back on. In his first series he was Tim's sidekick as well as being with Tully. In this series he attached himself to Sam, whilst Tim's been trying to get his sidekick back, and Sam has just left, so he could become more likeable again. It's like he's just without direction.

Tim though.. far out. If this was the og format of Big Brother he'd be getting accused as two faced/backstabber/playing the game, etc. All things people raged at those in the house for and people in there nominated for, and to top it off his disgraceful behaviour on twitter. I just can't with him. Why? He used to have a fun image. I am so disappointed the other OGs can't trust him in the house. Especially upset for Tully and Estelle, right now. I feel almost anxious and fearful watching to see how he is going to let them down next and not be honest with them.
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I voted Tully, because she is the one who has swung my opinion from negative to positive.

Tim, I was never much a fan of, but I started to like him this season. He started out fun and seemed to have a good rapport with Reggie, but after Sam arrived he went downhill fast.

Drew, I liked in his original season, don't care for him now.
I voted Tully, I genuinely like her and her storyline. I think I was a bit meh on her and her storyline in her original series. She's also more attractive without the nose ring. Sorry if that's an arsehole comment.

Reggie and Dave are lovely as always.

Trevor is harmless.

Estelle is still great. Was a big supporter of her in her season. Still support her. I don't like that the edit often makes it seem like she's having a sad time in the house.

Tim, he's less entertaining this time, more of a dick. I'm sure the edit is focusing on his worst moments.

Why is Layla in the poll? She was only a cameo this season.

Drew, like I said with Tully, was meh on the whole thing originally. There are times I like him, other times no. I think back when he was first on, I recoiled a bit from the guy that women just like and didn't get why. Some kind of jealous aspect. I don't have that anymore. I can see why he attracts women but how superficial it all is, he's kind of a childish dick to be honest. Living like you do in your early 20s.
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I have gone with Estelle. I was not a part of this community back the first time so i didn't know of the amount of love for Estelle. I thought she was ok but I think a lot of her game passed me by. I certainly did not expect her to be the strategic and strong player that she is this season.
I voted Tully. Trevor, Layla, Tim and Reggie all have retained my original opinions on them. Dave has increased and I’m undecided on Drew. Whilst I wasn’t an Estelle fan the first time around I came around to her on my rewatch of 2012. Tully for me is someone I’m actively rooting for in comparison to wanting her evicted every week in 2013.
I wasn't a fan at all of Tim in his original season so his behaviour this year doesn't surprise me at all.

Personally, I think Tully. I think she has grown and I also like that she has true respect for everyone in the house, including Sam.
This is off topic, but I was just considering all the ways the game has changed (pretty much all for the worse) and thought about the dynamic created by the combination of HM nominations and the public vote. With overt strategic talk being forbidden back in the day (ironically that’s all we get now) the HMs had to draw conclusions of how successfully they were playing by public response during live evictions and the cheers or boos from the audience. Many’s the time people popular in the house were bemused by public opinion not in their favour, and HMs who were at the bottom of the house pecking order who were constantly nominated yet saved by the public vote were then further ostracised by jealous and resentful HMs for being so popular with the public. It’s a hugely significant aspect of the game in the past that added all kinds of layers to gameplay that we don’t get now.

As for the poll, Tim and Drew haven’t matured at all where as you can clearly see how Tully, Estelle and Reggie have evolved.
I voted Estelle. I didn’t like her in her original season but have grown to like her now. It makes me want to rewatch her original season again. I don’t like the her and Tim drama though, I’m not taking any side there, I’m aware there’s lots we haven’t seen on the show and post show so I’ll remain on the fence for that one lol