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Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 3 Discussion (28 April) - Drawing Battle Lines

Will the evictee be from the Initial 10 or the New 8 Housemates?

  • Initial 10

    Votes: 31 67.4%
  • New 8

    Votes: 15 32.6%

  • Total voters


Turns People to Stone
Daniel....has he taken ALL his body hair off? shaved legs for sure...how far has this man escaping gone?

Jess...is she a Goth?

Nick...said he thought everyone was so normal........bless:p

Renata.....excellent tantrum/angerjag/peeve.....May each housemate do one in turn.

No footage of Sid pleading his case AT ALL till Sonja asked him to (plead). Just knew he was staying :)

Why are there so many men in there who have done absolutely nothing so far to be on camera...who are these people?


Scalp collector
I didn’t watch the end of it, sad to see Rihanna go though. (Ramarta)
Gurl you missed THIS


She would've been AMAZING, what a SHAME.


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
I can't believe my recording stopped 2 seconds from the end, and I'd set it to stop 5 minutes from the end of the scheduled program so as not to miss out on the ends of programs if they run over.
Just got Sonia is saying Renata had 14 votes, and off it went! I have now set it to end 15 minutes later!
I missed all Renata's rants as she left, but, I did read about them here.
So happy days.
Only good thing about it was, I caught Noel Gallagher being interviewed on the Project. I'd have missed that if my recording had've kept going. And I know which I preferred to watch 😊
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Just noticed that even though next week Seven is airing an episode on Sunday, they've scheduled an episode to air next Wednesday as well. So four episodes a week this year I guess.