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BB/CBB UK - Rewatch discussions

Did you find the BBLB where Sunita left? I was looking for that a few weeks back but it seemed to be missing.
It's not in either of the 2 lists I found (and no link note to elsewhere like the launch episode was on this season) , but Yeah I think there was maybe a show or so before the pre-eviction one because The voiceover at the end of the daily did mention a 'special BBLB' and then Dermot in this one was talking about this years travelling DR Chair not being ready yet and showing some mangled looking creation so they used this box of crates looking thing, so there was obviously some backstory with that but I don't think I've missed all that much/anything major and got the gist.

Also they didn't show the percentages for the nomination vote, unless its in some supplementary material (like how I found Narinder's, Dean's and the Final 2 last season on the wiki page). and even then it might only be for the 2 that were up.
So thats Week 1 Done;
It was a little bit predictable once Jade and Lynne were up that Lynne might've been the simpler choice for a lot of them, a 3 min time limit to decide was interesting though and it wasn't a drawn out thing ala BBAU2007 with placing the balls in the chutes in the Diary room for a vote remember that? or going one by one to the DR.

Speaking of the Diary room It does have different camera angles, but the main one this year takes a little getting used to, after the last 2 were very close up most of the time, This season they profile it so the eye and Big Brother Logo is visible in the back above them.

Some flirting happening, there seems to be a potential of a triangle between Alex, Kate and Spencer, and also, again what is it about going on Big Brother that makes some people in various level of serious outside relationships go out the window? Lee and Adele, now it suddenly comes out that Adele might be seeing a girl on the outside! The plot thickens. Oh and they got reading material confiscated because of using them to make non-verbal communication.

As for who might be nominated, Alex seems to be copping it a bit from the public perception (His dad gives as good as he gets on BBLB though haha) and also maybe from the inside in calling the house meeting and starting on the house cleanliness) so he could be in danger if he's up. Sandy also had a bit of a thing about them using all the sugar for Lee's BDay cake. Maybe PJ as well could be a contender.

I don't know about replacing Sunita so soon, maybe they have planned intruders a little later? (like week 3 or so) and like the corresponding Australian season that was already that far along by the time this started, using the vote in intruders (only difference from the BBUK2001 version of it we voted in 3 from 6) they had the housemates vote out one.

Maybe if intruders are going in in a similar way, if theres 3 maybe they'll allow 2 to stay, whether thats once inside the house like the Australian version, or it's like Josh last season and the viewers vote them in.

EDIT: hmm oh well the title of Episode 9 on one of the 2 lists im using as reference says its a BBLB about a 'Replacement housemate' so there goes that speculation at least for the replacement haha.

The next BBLB named I can see (avoiding the thumbnails, although theyve been good at keeping non-spoilery) appears to be Day 15 and maybe 17? Is it just a once or twice a week thing around the weekends this season? or should there be a couple more during the week? Hmm.

Theres a Live 'Live Task' episode up next. Interesting.
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Back in BB3 they aired BBLB on C4 (the main channel) on Fridays before the eviction and on Sundays, with the Monday to Thursday editions on E4 (though think the odd one, like Sunita's exit, was repeated on C4). From the lists I've seen I get the impression only the C4 episodes for BB3 have been uploaded.
Week 2 Finished. Just started the Day 17 BBLB.

This week was sooooo Chaotic and dramatic! haha. It just worked in Alex's favour with a 1000 vote close margin apparently (and perhaps maybe a little splitting of the Vote in a 3 nominee race against Alison.

I thought she was good value but OTOH yes, the potential for the other two to continue with their antics at least just a little longer would be interesting to watch as well. Gee did Alison take her sweet time rolling around the house, flopping at the doors and then finally exiting the house as well lol.

Alex is losing the plot about dictating the way he'd like things to be (#peeintheshowergate2002) and It's kinda a bit on the grey ethics side, but It turned around into keeping him in (and Sandy as well is on the edge, flipping his shit and walking away from the massive deilberation over whether to have Chinese or Indian for the special arrival feast for Replacement HM Sophie) at least one more week to stir the pot, or have a meltdown on national TV one of the two.

Theres having an opinion and strong views about something thats fine (PJ's nomination of Alex was good, he did veer a bit somewhat sexist though saying he was 'basically a woman' right at the end though... maybe not the best choice of words there PJ haha), but theres a way to go about it, and Alex isn't handling it well. The bit with going and just ripping back his duvet off Kate was a bit harsh too.

With this new 'Rich/Poor' divide the house with partition bars task (which is a BB classic) Sandy is also thinking about walking. Alex seems to have called a Truce with Jonny, but lets see how long that lasts as a few days later, He's having a go at Kate about the fruit basket or something, and Words with Jade coming out to defend her after she's crying in the bedroom. Oye...

Then we got some more Couples forming, Jade and PJ seem to be having a bit of a thing, Sophie coming in has Kate a bit wary about Spencer spending time with her, and then that's not even mentioning Lee, Now he has a thing for Sophie! Now he Dosent! He Still likes Adele! Is her bisexual relationship 'serious' as it might be if she wants to settle down and marry a guy? Adele admits shes a Virgin!

He has Adeles blessing to start something, she wont be offended, Adele talks to Sophie and says she can go for it, but remember 'he has a gf'. Said Girlfriend 'Carmen' phones into BBLB and says its all still fine they can talk when he gets out, he hasnt 'done anything bad or anything'. .....yet. My word what a soap opera this season! LOL.

While all this is going on, I did still notice the task schedule and setup this season has shifted a little. It appears to be on the Sunday Night, like the Quiz was an all or noting pass/fail to win $400 for the upcoming week's shopping (+ a celebatory hamper).

There was no ongoing weekly task for week 2 and Lee was saying he was bored in the Diary room (what with all this drama and other stuff filling up the Daily Show content), but week 3 appears to be linked to the 'Rich' side already having $400 and the other side not, so theres nothing to wager for or 'win/lose' perse with this task it seems. We'll see if one task upcoming will require the previous format and go for a few days too.

There's already been some Boy/Girl swapover in the bedrooms as well, Like Spencer and Jonny in the 'Girls' room and Jade in the 'Boys' room, this will shuffle it up a bit more too.

The Quiz was interesting (if a bit easy for being done 'live'). Very 2002 with Holly Valance being a very recent just before they entered q. They didnt have instant recall for Daniel Radcliffe playing Harry Potter though. Haha. David Walliams and Matt Lucas guesting on BBLB I spot there too.

Onto Week 3!
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The funny thing about BB3 is when you usually talk about Big Brother you picture the housemates as they were then but with so many of the BB3 cast going on to have success, or at least still appear from time to time in the public eye thanks to the success of others, the image I see when you talk about them is of them now. Even PJ got himself on TV over the summer.
Up to Day 20 BBLB (which seems like one of the midweeks has made it on this list this week Edit: and they pre-empted Ally McBeal by 30 minutes to replay it from E4 on C4 apparently as per the end credits voiceover!) and.....

WTH is going on this season with the exits haha... Sandy's scaled the Wall and has walked?!?!? LOL. At least it dosen't affect the Nominations as they stand (Jonny and Lee, this weeks was a bit of a spread which was interesting to see as well) although If Sandy was up they mightve just thrown up the next ones in line and reset the voting perhaps...

Anyway wonder if this will mean we get another replacement or they'll just go screw it and wait a bit and give them an extra Intruder (if there were any planned as just regular intruders).

Also the voiceover mentioned There could be a swapover of Rich and Poor, but the way it was worded sounded like it wasnt a challenge each every other day or something but the lines will be redrawn for 'next week' which seems like they're perhaps making it a 2 week thing or surely they wont ride this out for the rest of the season or nearly to the end... hmm.

Although the Studs in the floor and roof and the double entry to the Diary Room, The 'Nice and 'Basic' bedroom, plus outdoor shower, toilet and spare kitchenette on that side of the house were definitely all strategically placed for this very task. and perhaps forming some of the idea for BBAU2003's famous split house design for the first few weeks.
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Thanks. I did like how they handled her quitting in BB3, giving her an exit of sorts but via the backdoor rather than them just vanishing through the DR.
Thanks for finding that. Its also interesting at the time giving insights as well with Sandy's interview that it can be a surprise to them when theyre actually in there what its like and also the reasoning for not waiting till being put up or evicted, giving the relacement more of a foothold to settle in as one aspect.

Also not regretting the experience as such or regretting applying in the first place but knowing when they've had enough rather than drag out staying and knowing when they wanted to walk (or climb out in Sandy's instance, also right in the middle of their task treat of watching 25 minutes of a World Cup match lol - I think one of them seemed like they were maybe still inside watching the TV and didn't skip a beat Was it Jonny? 'Oh Sandy just literally jumped the wall... thats nice' *back to watching the football* haha).

I'm up to Week 4 now, overnight watched Lee's Eviction interview, The Live Darts task to reset the Rich/Poor task for this week, and Tim just gone in on the BBLB Day 24.

First of all what a stand by your man piece from Carmen, Davina did really rummage into Lee a bit about all the Flirting to get to the bottom of where he's at, will be definitely interesting to see how that panned out from there. I think it's actually a good move for the house too in shaking up the dynamic, and good for Adele and Sophie's games, no longer being tied up in that particular storyline. The Rich/Poor divide has already done wonders for Adele, getting her away from Lee and she's taken it as a bit of a challenge and refresh, starting to spend more time talking to Jade, and also Sandy before he left.

There was a couple of ways the task could have gone and the restrictions they placed on the winner only bringing over 3 to their chosen side means that even if a Rich HM won and chose either side (rich again or to give up their place to go over poor) At least 1 would still be having a double poor stint).

Judging from where everyone was situated, I actually think Alex made a fair enough call, although it seems theres some resentment brewing with PJ. Whether that's from bringing Jade over and not him as well (leaving Spencer the only double poor and giving Sophie a taste of the poor life - she is the only one double rich), or he was actually finding it tough as well. It's only him and Spencer doing two weeks poor in a row, although Spencer now has Kate brought over which might make things a little more bearable for him.

Anyways I haven't got up to which side new Housemate Tim is gonna go yet, what might've been interesting twist if they put him in after the task the previous night, the winner of darts got to choose their comrades, BUT Tim gets to make his first big decision on entry and choose if that new team will be Rich or Poor. that'd stir some things up off the bat (although mighnt be the best foot to get off on for Tim depending how it goes haha).

Also they mentioned BBAU on BBLB! 'One of the Australian Housemates has gotten a role on Neighbours' That must be about Blair from BBAU2001.
Week 4 Done! Up to BBLB Day 31 (after the Week 5 Musical Chairs Task).

The more I thought about Alex's decision, yeah I can see PJ's point and frustration, Him and Sophie were the ones that was a bit of a bung choice, although I get Alex's reasoning in the moment (and what I was initially thinking too) that PJ was more likely to be able to hack doing Poor side 2 weeks straight, and also not leaving Spencer as the only one doing it tough twice in a row (at this point they dont know how long this is gonna last, now we hear from the new EP guy (Aidan must've moved on after Series 2) that the 3rd week will be the last and things will go back together in Week 6).

Buttttt, Spencer had Kate, and generally seemed like he would not be fussed, Similarly I think out of the girls Sophie seems like she wouldn't have arced up at Alex putting her over there (plus not leaving Kate as the only girl in Poor, and having Jade and PJ on the same side.

Anyways they also chose which side Tim went. He seems nice, but was a bit pot plant and just in the background at first, especially during that big blow up storm in a teacup that happened between Jade and Adele. One of His major plot points for the week was probably getting told off by BB for the really obvious code about his friend going on a 'World Tour' to cancelled countries (World Cup results). Also... Jonny Kate and Spencer as the blue blanket ghost chocolate nabbers... like they were ever gonna get away with that. LOL.

They showed some other countries footage on BBLB (theres a lot more of these weekday ones included now), and Australia Featured! They played a bit from the Mastercard challenge Iirc from 2002 (which would have been wrapping up at this point iirc the finale was very early July?) where Gretel's in the house - Dermot definitely remembered that much later when he mentions 'your host actually goes in the house' when David and Tim cameoed on BBLB in BBUK8).

Nominations, Jade was barred from nominating, but not sure if it mightve made much difference? would she have voted against PJ? Alex Vs Spencer was quite the match up. and colour me surprised - it turned out to be a bit of the Paul Vs Bubble moment of this season (so far). I was all geared up for either a Spencer landslide and this being Alex's last hurrah - should've picked better rich side mates (although he still couldve been up even if he kept PJ happy who knows) - or it being close but a comfortable win for Spencer - turns out the teenage girl/big support vote wasnt there this time.

Tbf though Spencer was starting to go back to having some moments of laziness and blase in the edit a little bit and propping up a showmance with Kate thats not really as big as its made out but lets just see what happens according to him on the eviction interview - but yeah Alex gets a second narrow escape and see what he brings to the show next. Also will be interesting to see how Kate's game changes now that Spencer's gone, so for the entertainment potential value of the show I'd say that was an interesting result to throw a shake up in the works.

So the set up for Week 5, Jonny picks for the Poor and Alex wins again, picking for the Rich. PJ and Sophie Swap - yes yes, Adele hmmm (oh I get it theres maybe a bit of sumthin sumthin going on with her and Alex it seems). Tim over to the Poor side yep, thats a fair play so he gets a taste of time over there (also did he maybe throw that last round so Alex would be saddled with choice again? - and he wouldn't be resented for staying on the rich side? He didnt seem too quick to make a second grab for that chair and let Alex get back up).

Finally Jade to Rich, meaning bit of a Rough go for Kate, but Jonny's also doing twice in a row, PJ and Jade are on the same side, she dosent have Spencer who mightve gone rich side if he were still there, and Theres another girl in poor with Sophie. Seems a pretty fair pick as the cookie crumbles for the moment. Lets see how the week plays out.
I think Alex v Spencer is one of the landmark evictions in the shows entire history, along with Bubble v Paul the year previously. Can't really think of any that come close to having such a huge impact on the house, regardless of who goes, in later years.
Week 5 finished.

So Kate was having a bit of a tough start to the week after Spencer went and being still on the Poor side. It’d would’ve been a good move for Alex to bring her over, but it maybe would’ve been at the expense of his good terms someone else like Jade or Adele. Add to that they’re not really chummy anyway and Kate was likely to nominate him.

But it also gave Tim a bit of a positive edit being a bit of a buddy to Kate over that side. Sophie and Jonny getting on as well. The funny scene for me was Kate and Tim in the kitchenette whilst Johnny and Sophie have this almost choreographed OTT fake play fight of them flailing the crap out of each other in the background with exaggerated motions.

Jade, Adele and Alex are becoming a bit cliquey (but also then again there was an aside where Alex and Adele were discussing not quite being on the same page as Jade on occasion with whats been going on kinda thing). There was this whole side this week of Sophie being on the outer a bit and bitched about behind the scenes, primarily led by Jade in a few instances. They’ve had an apology session and being frank with each other a bit later in the week though.

There’s also a bit of self consciousness going on about who is playing up to the cameras or playing a game, with How Jonny has quietened and become a bit more self reflective in the last few weeks too in particular.

PJ also seems to be shying away from Jade’s advances, theres a good 6 or 7 year age gap there, It’s reminding me a little of Aussie Jade much later in 2013 with Ed being super self conscious of what it looks like on the outside.

BBLB: Spencer going between a short attention span being a bit quiet and awkward in parts to having a few more in depth analysis was kinda funny, and that ‘Avin’ guy they had on (who had BBUK 2000’s Craig hidden in his closet) was a kooky awkward guest too, getting huggy with Spencer and having both he and Dermott hold his arm during the segment. LOL. Also theres a ‘ginger watch’ going on as its revealed Tim dyes his hair darker and may be starting to get some regrowth. There was also the shaving your chest in bed moment. lol.

There was an almost tie again in the nominations. I think it would’ve been interesting to see Sophie and Tim go up against one another as If it was last week, I could see Tim going before Sophie, but the edit kinda turned around a little this week and Tim in getting more into the swing of the house a bit more (to a degree, he still had a bit of a whinge about being on the poor side and joined in the venting about Sophie a bit).

Anyways Sophie out, Now into Week 6.
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Wow... what an outcome for the Week 6 Live Task. This is gonna be interesting. Tim could've gone for that question, That was difficult to do though under time pressure on the spot even with a good memory (listing all 14 2002 housemates in Alphabetical order), and Kate couldn't start again and I paused to see if I could do it and took about 2 minutes and restarted like twice after drawing a blank on someone or having to slot them in earlier. A 6 to 1 split with Tim of all people being the sole one with the Rich side all to himself and the bars being up for another week.

It was also interesting how there were a few numerical questions, Only Johnny got a multiple choice (maybe to make it fairer as it was quite an arbitrary number compared to say number of plants planted in the ground outside, or rooms in the house) and towards the end they werent given the answer (maybe to move the live show along for time).
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LOL Peter Collett the Psychologist gets another whole segment on the weekend daily show catch up episode about 'Bitching' going on in the house just like that one last season.
Week 6 Done.

Good that Tim Picked Kate for the little dinner thing he won on the Rich side that was probably the fairest outcome IMO. She had few pretty funny moments too like coming back with some more of her clothes and doing a strip.

On BBLB Ginger watch continues, and Tim will definitely still be they by the time this G-Minus countdown finishes that BBLB has going on. One of the guests raised a good point - his eyebrows are still dark, also they had his Dad on in an audio cross - with Auburn hair. hmm. We got a Davina interview with Dermot, and Lol at the Handwriting expert being blunt AF about Adele and Jade in her analysis.

Also Tim to Jonny: ‘Who’s Hugh Hefner?’ (Probably reading that 100 pound magazine he got for the shopping), Jonny’s like ‘He’s an actor isnt he?’ Seemingly they both don’t really know! LOL.

They won some music being played - again very 2002 - having a moment to Nickelback’s ‘How You Remind Me’. Also a games night in the Puppet show mini-task (also aside note there was an interesting explanation from Editor Helen on BBLB about why they shuffled up the weekly task + extras format from the previous seasons ones with a percentage bet that was lowballed sometimes by the HMs).

A Tie in the nominations and four being up (only PJ and Tim havent yet been nominated up now) was also very interesting in an already interesting week the way it came out. Everyone nominated Jade, the BBLB guests and such were theorising that it also may have benefitted her being up with three others depending on the split rather than head to head with someone. It could’ve been Johnny and Jade, It could have been a few other combinations. Funnily enough Tim escapes the running despite his current position on the Rich side, and It's Adele evicted.

The bars finally come down going into Week 7, but Davina hints at a twist with that maybe - hmm.
Finished Week 7, Watched the Week 8 Live Task and Day 52 BBLB, and a bit of the Day 50 & 51 Daily Show.

Another very interesting outcome for the task. They gave Jonny the week off being nominated, but drew straws to decide who would be up for nomination and receive the personal video from home. They seemed to have gotten them to actually talk it out for week 8’s because some thought it was a cop out to just randomise it and they wanted them to really work it out almost face to face nominations style or like the reverse format eviction way back in week 1.

Anyway it was PJ and Kate up, giving Tim perhaps a free ride into at least week 8. PJ also came out of his shell a bit more being nominated, having a bit of words with Jade, getting emotional at the message from home (Tim even had a moment in the diary room after showing that he’s finding it a bit hard being in the house at the moment and wondering whats going on on the outside (particularly with his girlfriend)).

Now the House is no longer divided, they've started to go back to drinking a lot together and playing games Tim often as noted by the psychologist segment finds it a bit performative and pantomime rather than join in.

The Eviction wasn’t as close either, It was something like 81% PJ. (Week before was a reasonable gap between Adele and Jade at 60~ 30~ then both Johnny and Kate at just over 1% each). But he was happy to go, he’d had enough. He just was nervous about the boos heard for Adele the week before and was overanalysing Davina’s tone reading out the eviction.

Although Tim is literally all but begging Alex to nominate him in the aftermath, and one wonders why he didnt voluntarily self nominate, or it didnt hit him quite as much until he saw one of his family in the room and that set him off (He also begrudgingly accepted the 40 second phone call in this weeks task and was a bit teary). Jade also seems to be starting to feel the gravity of the house numbers shrinking, she had a moment with Johnny and also was a bit aloof following PJ’s eviction.

Alex and Kate are now getting on, despite not being partnered in the 2 day masters and servants mini task, giving each other massages and taking baths together etc. Theres also this ‘Follow The Van’ game which seems a bit hmm.

They also installed some extra netting across the garden this week. I have to know more about this Avid Merrion guy on BBLB, lol is he actually for real or is that a character (edit: yep its an alter ego). It’s giving me slightly cringe Borat kinda vibes haha. Some of the BBLB opening camera shots of Dermot from a wide view are kinda artistic.

Onto Week 8. :)
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Finished Week 8 and were on the home stretch now (Watching Week 9 Live Task).

Tim and Alex up for eviction in the final nominations. The Roller Skating task was an interesting way to repurpose Bedroom 2 in this last stretch.

Another line of the season has to be 'Comprehendez?' after Tim's little tanty in the Diary room about the 'No shows' for the task because he'd taken his contacts out and gone to bed BEFORE 1AM, which was the task free zone until 9am. Fair enough he didnt want to waste contacts, but maybe dont take them out and go to be just after 1am? problem solved. Davina using it when reading out his eviction was funny.

There was also after the disco a big blow up with Jade vs. Alex, and even Jonny and Kate getting dragged into it a bit. There was a Live feeds 50 min portion included here of Day 55/56 covering it too. A bit like Verucca gate earlier with Adele, It was a bit blown out of proportion by Jade it seems over the 'Players and he actors' and who's been saying what to other housemates behind each others backs. They calmed it down the next day.

Some of the BBLB commentary was saying Tim might've been subtly even egging Alex on a bit now theyve become buddy buddy more this week and stirring it up a bit before either one of them leaves or even sabotaging Alex? But that seems like a stretch of motivations. There was some more stir crazy and thinking of leaving going on with Alex, Tim, Jade, Even Johnny had another lull, but now were so close to the end Tim and Alex talked to the psychologist and have settled down and going to ride it out.

Spencer popped back in on BBLB along with PJ; Oh hello who's this now, Jeremy Edwards it looks like we'll see return in a few series for CBBUK3 (January 2005, so thats inbetween BB5 and BB6 UK) and much later in a duo on Celeb X Factor 2019 (hosted by Dermot). Ricky Gervais was also back.

Tim's story about the Christmas Choir Competition alongside Gary Barlow and Take That was investigated too - it sems the kid shown wasnt him and it was a different songwriting competition or something. Also on he eviction, some concrete confirmation his hair is 'pretty gingery'

Going back a bit Adele's relationship has split, and Davina just announced Sophie and Lee have gotten together, so that's already gone splits with Carmen. No mention of a pre finale Final 4 eviction this time unlike last season, Maybe it'll be all of them on the finale? Lets start the finale week.
It's worth noting you're watching peak Big Brother. Around 7m a night were watching at this point, up around 2.5m on the same point a year earlier (and indeed up around 2.5m on any future series too), with over 8m watching evictions.
Well thats BBUK3 done, Watched the Finale the other night and caught up on the final day recap show, the BBLB Awards from the house special, The Winner's week mini episodes and The Winners Journey special, which included some auditions process footage and stuff.

First of all, some Final week thoughts, then I'll do a bit of a Season overview debrief + Housemate final thoughts and then I might start CBBUK2 later tonight.

Week 9:
  • The BBLB guests mentioning the 'stages of forming a group' as 'Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing' gave me flashbacks to when I learned those in 2013 in one of my Uni modules that was a Management/Managing People Unit. Tim getting a blonde do was funny.
  • Dermot had a bit of a faux pas moment when a caller mentioned Kate might have a post bb career like Brian Dowling after she gets out "I Reckon She Might Go like Brian" Dermot: "What, Gay?" then he realised how that sounded and apologized lol, awkwarrdddd. Also a running theme this season was Dermot doing a run and jump over the couch with a rough ass landing at times, but he kept on at it.
  • The final Live task was cool, an in house outside obstacle course, then betting on an ex-hm egg and spoon race outside via video on PJ, Spencer, Sophie & Lee.
  • More drunkenness, there was a particularly hmm thats concerning moment, when Jonny and Kate are absolutely plastered on the kitchen floor, vomit and everything and can barely walk, and Jonny wants to keep going maybe take a dip but they decide to go to bed. BB would have intervened i'm sure but they got a dehydration/drink water talking to the next day.
  • The final task about the seaside show skills was fun. The final night party with speeches and elocution was interesting too, with Alex speech having him self reflecting whether his experience was worth it.
  • Some more friction and having an argument over bums hanging out of pants even on the final day. They got over it quickly though. A few last looks around the house and garden.
  • The Finale itself (and also BBLB last show before the awards special), massibve numbers for votes, viewership and also Celebrity attention. Graham Norton is there barracking for Jade, who has also caught the attention of Johnny Depp, Dustin Hoffman doing a Jonny spoof on Graham Norton's show, and Kate had Duncan from Blue in her corner. Again very 2002, Liberty X is here performing 'Just A Little' alongside the ex housemates, Alison getting right into it.
  • Was cool to see Sunita come back, Apparently Sandy was asked but declined, not a lot of public affection for him from the crowd concerning he Jonny thing and the pee in the bin thing, at least he sent Kate flowers apologizing for it cause he was drunk. Anyways good of them to include Sunita even though she walked.
  • I had the Finale Eviction Order mixed up in my mind from what I recalled or may have read about before, I knew that Kate won and that Jade was right up there, but Initially I thought it might be Jonny, and then Alex or Jade as 2nd/3rd. Goes to show though that at the time it was a very evenly matched final as to who people thought might win, could be any of them, compared to Brian being a massive favourite the year prior and having an edge in the public eye kinda thing.
  • Davina back in the house to talk to the winner. Having the BBLB awards be a little afternoon tea kinda thing from the house was a fun touch too, as well as Winners Week/Winner's Journey having a few interesting insights into pre and immediate-post BB for Kate obviously in particular. There's also a Making Of halfhour episode but that one not a whole lot of stuff we haven't seen (like how the Winners Journey also drew some bits from the Winner's Week eps).

    Anyway some more thoughts in the Season/HM write ups coming in a bit. ;)
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So Some overall thoughts about the 2002 season:
  • I liked the way they rejigged the task format this season. At first I thought it was weird there was no 'Big' weekly task, but then again some weeks were a bit more involved (such as the Roller Disco) with some of the mini inbetween tasks they did during the week to win a party, or something special apart from the weekly shopping budget. Some of those Live tasks also gave me a bit of a Saturday (Friday) Night Live vibe before it was even a thing, or like I think I mentioned when Gretel went in the house for a special.
  • The Rich and Poor Divide being an ongoing thing that took up a good chunk of the middle of the season, rather than a twist from the beginning that wasn't fully felt until maybe week 2 when it might be dropped, or just being a week long thing. Instead, this was towards the middle of the season, where some settling in had already occurred in the first two weeks, plus the housemates (and us initially) didnt know if it was gonna just stretch on indefinitely till season's end or the final week from that point or whatever. Thus it really did have a bit impact on the house and drove a few storylines and dynamics. It was telegraphed in the house design as well right from the outset I noted the difference in decor of the bedrooms.
  • There was a bit more dynamic with the nominations results, also some twists thrown in. There were a few turning points, I think Spencer and Adele's Evictions was where I really felt the phase shift the most (Adeles did coincide with the end of the Rich Poor divide as well though too). A few what if's as well which I might touch on in the HM thoughts, such as Alex barely scraping through that first public vote, later beating Spencer in a shock eviction.
  • Also the walking and ruminating about walking was really increased this time around. Showcased in spectacular fashion and a moment of the series with Sandy's escape. It makes me wonder whether Sophie and/or Tim were always planned intruders, just perhaps to enter a little later than they ended up replacing Sunita and Sandy, but Sunita walking made them reassess and just have Sophie enter on Day 10 or maybe if they had entered directly after the Rich Poor divide started at the start of Week 3, Maybe they would have had the housemates choose which side each went and then/or chose between them to stay?
  • The new house location at Elstree and the introduction of the stairs was an interesting addition as well, at first I was wondering whether they were allowed to go up to the landing/doors unless being evicted, (and also because there were several instances where the crowd noises outside could be heard especially on eviction nights because of the proximity to the studio (sometimes despite BB's efforts to play crowd noise to block it out) and that also played on them a bit during the season, how what they think they heard or fear of how they will be perceived on the other side of that door if they would be booed. But it seems they were generally allowed to otherwise, and they had a black sheet visible across the door gap in some shots from outside I noticed, especially near the finale.
  • Also I did notice the Diary room angle I mentioned at the beginning did seem to shift a just a little at times maybe during the season (possible zoom so the Big Brother name and eye logo wasn't fully in shot behind the housemates). We also got a HM Diary room POV shot when Kate returned to the house in the Winner's Journey episode.
  • Keeping the Final 4 right through the week to the finale was well metered out too I thought. Keeping them on their toes expecting a mid week eviction like the last season, but it not happening until they all go one by one on the Finale.
  • Overall a pretty interesting season with some cool concepts thrown in. From what I heard general Consensus on BB4 was that it was a bit flat in comparison? We'll see, but First, some Individual Housemate thoughts, and then to do CBBUK2, which I'll be starting just about on its 20th Anniversary of airing! Also wonder if I'm familiar with any of the Celeb HM's this time.