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BB/CBB UK - Rewatch discussions

About to watch the last 2 episodes of CBBUK1 Another few points:
Jack has lightened up a little but still wants to go. 'Whens the next eviction? Can you rig it?' and now People I suppose might be keeping him in just for the lulz.
Vanessa lost the plot a bit on Day 3 after getting nommed, writing words all over the table and refusing to be called to the Diary Room. She got over it a bit in the next day or so though.
Some of the tasks are clear rehashes of the 2000 series, the Floristry one was kinda different though. and look who is coming back in Ep 7 - Baby Juanita! lol.
CBBUK1 Done and dusted. The last episode was the full recap with some extra scenes. Can't seem to find if there was the actual live finale with Davina somehwhere but got the gist.

There were a few extra scenes where Jack really got up to some antics like climbing on the roof, and he done the brief runner to meet his wife during Anthea's eviction. Ultimately the public kept him in and he won after all that lol.

Some brief HM notes:
Chris: seemed pretty well spoken and poetic, He brought that swimming cap but I think BB might have only opened up the spa after he got booted. Oh well.

Vanessa: Lost it a bit after being nominated gradually got her composure back but even the short time she was in there was a bit 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here' when she came out and had the brief interview. HM's having a crisis of self-worth and fear of not being liked still persists in recent BB ('but im so.. NICE!') but give a bit of leeway to it being early Season and Celeb version as well.

Anthea: I thought she kept it upbeat along with Claire and Keith.

Keith: Had a few moments of self-doubt how he was being percieved towards the end but was similarly fun. Had a day or so of being a bit to himself sleeping or working out, but again with this being such a short snappy series could be a bit of the edit too.

Claire: like some of the others, had some mixed moments of weird noms reasons, and some with a bit more thought behind them (even though it was a bit blase anything goes for the Celeb version of the show).

Jack: As aforementioned, it was a bit fuzzy with unfamiliarity whether his 'persona' (that they had a discussion on whilst in the house and doing impressions of Vanessa) was a bit part of his comedic style or whether he genuinely was DGAF a lot of the time he was in there and all the crazy antics. He was shown to have a bit of a lighter side as it went though.

Also with some of Jack's stuff being let really slide for it being CBB, There was another fly over leaflet drop to keep him in there, but what was the point? was it just staged? cause it was after the last nominations had already taken place and all that.

So I think the CBB seasons start to get a bit longer a bit later on. Theres also iirc a gap between CBB2 and 3, and 5 and 6 (because CBBUK5 was super controversial). But next up, BBUK2 (2001)!
couple of seconds into BBUK2 (2001) ... and looks like are we getting a House design makeover??? I'm excited!
The CBB Final was broadcast as part of the Comic Relief telethon on a rival channel. Worth remembering this was very much the first celeb reality show, every celeb did it for free (as also happened with the second CBB) and it was very much about the charity. No doubt the leaflet drop would have been by one of the papers - likely The Sun. They pulled a few stunts in the early years when Big Brother sold papers.

Celeb BB effectively got axed three times by C4, after CBB2, CBB5 and when the whole thing was axed.

You're in for a treat with BB2 - IMO the best of the classic series (BB1-BB4).
The CBB Final was broadcast as part of the Comic Relief telethon on a rival channel.
Yeah I think I saw it mentioned it was on BBC or something.

Back to BBUK2...

Just finished the first Big Brother Little Brother (before Day 4 Daily show). Getting into the swing of things now. Again no Live Launch, but the way they did it with visiting them in the lockdown hotel rooms was entertaining.

Also, Elizabeth's intro package .. at first i'm like 'oh thats her Dad' then nek minnut 'I live with my boyfriend, hes TWENTY SEVEN years older' wait wait wait hold up and lets go back a bit, wow thats a gap.


I was thinking we might get a bit of Rebecca BBAU2007 vibe with Penny with the religious background and school teacher vibe, yearning to be liked and fit in with the group, but so far she's become a bit of a motherly/big sister kinda figure and it looks like she's making some serious moves on Paul already (or is it just some mucking around). She was also the focus topic of the BBLB Episode.

Only one room has the ensuite, but theres a trend happening so far with them just defaulting to a 'Boys Room' and 'Girls room' off the bat (our first two series had 2 rooms available and it was co-ed iirc), I wonder if that gets shaken up at any point or until we get to a series that just has one bedroom they'll be forced to mix it up a bit upon entry.

At first I thought two of the older housemates in the group Dean and Stuart were a little quiet and kept to themselves a little but they're getting a bit more edit time amongst some of the louder personalities like Brian, Penny, Paul and Bubble.

Theres also been some tropey stuff that regularly gets talked about + some usual typical getting to know each other first week stuff, will be interesting to see how they develop as it goes on.

I like the house design too, some very overall wooden aesthetic in the main house plus outside, Big Solar Panels along the side, and the bedrooms are also spruced up a little with some slat kinda beds. Diary room has a thicker orange partition door on it this time too.

The Den is a nice little addition as a chill space. That Floppy Doll is funny (if theyve even given it a name). The Intruder/11th Housemate vote in is a bit similar to what we had in BBAU2002, although they didnt enter until like week 5 or 6ish, and again in 2007 to separate 2 extras at launch with the White Room Contenders in the first couple days. I'm guessing the vote will last until the first nominations are cast (to free up the eviction numbers), so we have a couple more days and we will know who's going in in another weeks time.

Have they already failed the task with Helen following Paul back into the house and leaving their post watching the flame? The producer was going on about how they were searching the footage for a later potential fail, but maybe it was ok cause Dean was still watching it from the table. We shall see in the next few episodes. Weve had a shopping budget already and they are thinking about devising some organisation and rostering.
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Teen BB was the first single bedroom series. They used the BB4 house but the second bedroom was locked. A single bedroom didn’t become the norm in the regular series until BB5. BB9 was the only house in the later Channel 4 series to have two bedrooms.

I’ve watched a few episodes of BB2 in the last day… The dolls name is Davina.
I quite liked having the two bedrooms - gives more opportunity for the housemates to talk behind each others backs and check notes. Indeed arguably Nick may not have been found out in series 1 had their only been one bedroom.

BB2 is probably still my favourite house design - basic but stylish and made to feel completely different to BB1 with the odd extension here and there rather than a complete rebuild.
I quite liked having the two bedrooms - gives more opportunity for the housemates to talk behind each others backs and check notes. Indeed arguably Nick may not have been found out in series 1 had their only been one bedroom.

BB2 is probably still my favourite house design - basic but stylish and made to feel completely different to BB1 with the odd extension here and there rather than a complete rebuild.
Two bedrooms did create a bit of an interesting dynamic in BB9 with the house divided between the two bedrooms.
I was watching a UK BB series on youtube and fell asleep. I woke up to screaming & yelling... Apparently the youtube cycle had ended up on a UK best of BB fights, tantrums etc :biggrin:
So I'm up to the First nominations episode (Day 8), and I can see they've moved it to being a LIVE nominations show.

Bit of Drama this week, obviously the whole Stuart and Penny thing, I mean way to make a mountain out of a molehill on a who would you sleep with whatever 'truth game' they had going on Helen's BDay party after 5 bottles of wine.

For one, Penny should probably have not kneejerk reacted, after all, Stuart is married anyway which renders the entire thing moot to start with, plus accepting the fact youre not everyones cup of tea is a very hard thing to swallow sometimes.

HOWEVER, Stuart just otoh in trying to avoid answering it made that whole exchange much more awkward than it needed to be and it was just a very poor choice of words and way to re-frame it as it came off just unneccessarily direct and singled out towards 'oh I'd sleep with the other four.. EXCEPT PENNY' than if he'd just picked someONE and played it off like' 'if I had to choose' and leave it at that.
And then being highly defensive to call her shallow after she apologized and wanted to just take it back and move along. like maaaaate.

Anyway they look to have all made up the next day (after it was the hot topic of course on the Little Brother show). Likely nominations fodder though regardless (and Penny knows it). I had a little laugh at the very brief quizzical look Brian was giving her after that bizarre little sing song she was making about cooking chicken in the kitchen, like 'what are you even doing right now' lol.

I also think Narinder and Bubble may cop a few, they have both been involved in a few argy moments during the week ('They Keep Forgetting how to say my NAME Big Brother!). And then we have this latest development whatvers going on between Paul and Amma rehashing how they failed the task. Helen had the obvious little teary moment after leaving her post AGAIN. Amma is showing to have a bit of an assertive streak and strong character in a lot of her edit so far.

It's also interesting with the BBLB shows in play now, some of it is a bit of fluff, but also you're getting a little more of an insight into the general public perceptions though the emails and call ins too (Elizabeth under the radar a little? Kinda agree there lady). Also some of their quick updates/recaps of live feed stuff or whats been going on outside of the DS or what might pop up on the DS later that night.

Before we find out who the 11th Housemate is, Im not sure if I've come across it before, but I reckon Natasha might go in. I was also getting a slight bit of a maybe gaydar vibe from Josh? Anne seems like she could be fun too. But then again (at least in our version as well) some of the intruders really liked to pump up themselves in the intro package. add to that this particular entry is to campaign to be voted in..... Lets see what Happens.

And Hello Davina! (also you were right they mentioned in one of the DS that the doll in the house they named Davina too).
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Completed Season 16/2015 where
wins and my god, what a long season for a really boring cast. Especially the final week remaining HMs.... I don't think any of them deserved to win, but the least hateable one did which was a relief.
Completed Season 16/2015 where
wins and my god, what a long season for a really boring cast. Especially the final week remaining HMs.... I don't think any of them deserved to win, but the least hateable one did which was a relief.
IMO unless there’s an absolute clearly defined winner the public vote will always result in the lowest common denominator taking home the win.
Took a little break last week catching up on some other stuff, so making my way through Week 2 (2001).

Live Nominations went interestingly. I think Paul had one of the most thorough reasonings yet, very detailed nominations.
From what it looks like in the BBLB updates (I'm only up to midway through the Day 9 Daily Show) that Penny kinda expected it and hopefully doesnt fall into too much of a mopey rut after finding out she's nominated.

There was a few more scenes in the Week 1 catch up as well that shed a bit more light on some of their backgrounds, as well as some more context to the aftermath of the Stuart/Penny thing and Stuart intending for it to just be a joke comment and Penny overreacted, but anyways lets see what pans out this week.

Dean has started to get more of an edit too - he REALLY wants to watch the football dosent he? From asking BB if theres a way to do a task or something in exchange, to joining the 'Religion of Bubble' and attempt to claim it as a religious practice to get to watch it. LOL.

So Josh will be the 11th housemate. Natasha basically laid it out in her appearance on BBLB that he might be an equal opportunity flirt as well so theres that.

Theres been a few shots of the floorplan of the house now (and in the Feng Shui guys walk through on BBLB). Getting a better understanding on some of the nooks and crannies, although I dont think weve seen them really use the round circle table between the kitchen and Lounge have we? Also some parts still kinda situated in relation to the 2000 house.

Was interesting too how the producer mentioned on BBLB they had let them keep the clock from the first task for sanity. I remember in a few of our seasons not being able to tell the time accurately (outside of necessities) was integral to a task or just a general part of the experience. (One of the random eps of BBAU I watched recently they were even making sand/water timers or something by setting it against the timer on the treadmill).

Also interesting the % bet against the task, wasnt it only between 10-50% in BBUK1? now it seems they can go anywhere between 20-90%, (and I think theyre gambling 60% on this weeks because Brian thinks its a cinch as he has prior experience on first aid from being a flight attendant, let's see how that goes).

The Studio has recieved a bit of a spruce up too judging from the nominations show.
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Yes, the betting range was widened in the second series.

As for the table - one of the cool things from that year on the live feed was the spin-cam. A camera in the centre of the dining table which you could move around in 360 degrees.
Im back with a BBUK2 update, got cracking again on finishing Week 2 and I'm up to partway through Week 3 The Nominations have just been announced on the Day 19 BBLB.

A Few things:
  • So after I mentioned the Table near the Kitchen, theyve started being shown using it a lot more now and having dinner's and Lunches there.
  • The First aid task was sprung on them in an interesting way, waking them up to a scenario test. They passed.
  • Interesting how Bubble would need to buy nicotine patches from the shopping list on his whim to quit smoking. Also somebody on the outside tried to smuggle in message in food, so no Outside BDay party cake for you mr!. Also Elizabeth having a go for Dean and Bubble with the 'Church Of Bubble' appealing to watch the football. BB still says no.

  • Friction between Penny and Amma. Penny goes out with about a 50something % margin. Also she kindof let her hair down in the last few days in the house, (was that All Saints' 'Bootie Call' she was singing there at the party? wow.) and the cathartic bitch session in the bedroom (Overheard by Helen and Amma).
  • It seems my initial thoughts came back around a little bit, She got on well with everyone initially, but then became on the outer a bit once the mothering tendencies got a bit grating for some and she had a few crises of self confidence and her position in the group in that environment.
  • That being said, she still has moments of clear awkwardness being thrown into the co-hosting duties on BBLB at least for this week (btw, Natalie Casey has just disappeared for some reason wonder if she's coming back), but some of it is downright comedy. She's just finished a cooking with Penny segment where Dermott has had to come in and hurry her up LOL.

  • I've also noticed one or two packages on BBLB being repeated (in that post eviction bumper episode they had) and some of the fluff emails and calls on certain topics is a bit skippable after the first couple seconds, but its still an entertaining side show.
  • They've altered the Eviction walk and interview setup slightly learning from last year (Housemates not allowed outside the door, and the crowd is right back BEFORE the bridge, however still Davina had to kinda do some dragging and its a bit chaotic at parts, haha. Also speaking of some of the music choices they've been able to drum up, Penny walking out to ABBA Gimme Gimme Gimme! got a. bit of a laugh from me.
  • Josh has finally entered and theres been some interesting discussions and rearranging the bedroom arrangements now that Brian has joined the girls room. also, Secret Jacuzzi! thats been there there the whole time under the rock.

  • Narinder and Brian have become a bit of buddy duo now. In the latest episode, Narinder and Helen had a bit of an argy bargy but soon appeared to talk it out a bit in the bedroom.
  • Stuart is starting to be seen as a bit of a plotter and compared to 2000's Nasty Nick, what with all his winking.
  • Paul and Stuart nominated (they werent live this week apparently, havent yet seen the nominations but should be interesting to see how we get to that outcome).
Up to Week 4 (Day 23 & 24 Daily Show) now. 'HOLD MOY BOBBUL!' lol Brian.

  • They had in house voting for the General Election of 2001, I looked that up to get some context, also in the task, Section 28 (Ive looked that up before Iirc) was repealed outside Scotland in 2003 it looks like, So it's not far off, Josh.
  • Oye, Drink fuelled dramah after Brian's BDay party. Again involving Stuart and miscommunications with Amma. And then we have the other dynamic with Brian's position as the 'Alpha Gay' of sorts of the house being threatened by Josh coming to a head.
  • 86%?!?!! One of the Biggest Landslides thus far for Stuart. Paul's in Drag for the announcement, which wasnt explained until the weekly catch up.
  • Bringing Penny and Stuart back on face to face on BBLB was a bit overkill and soooooo Awkward. Let's move on now shall we. Some interesting Celeb cameos from Ricky Gervais dropping in and Lisa Scott Lee from Steps phoning in.
  • This Dancing Task looks like it's gonna be fun.
Starting Week 5 now.
  • Bubble had a bit of a rough week, from having to take down the lettered cutouts off the wall to stacking it over the sofa and being made exempt from the dancing task. The task fail wasnt too much of a hit (Josh not getting on the podium in time for the group conga) - they only bet 10%.
  • Finally, it's taken until Day 28 for some more backstory on Elizabeth's boyfriend and her opening up about it a little to make the edit.
  • I think Dean and Elizabeth are both slightly more under the radar than Paul is at the moment and they seem to be shown aside in a few scenes in their own kindof clique.
  • Paul being nominated again this week against a louder personality like Narinder has furthered discussion on voting for the house you want to watch vs live in. I kinda expected Narinder to go, although I thought She mightve lasted a little longer.
  • I dont think they showed the percentages this week? It'll be interesting to see how Brian goes now without Narinder there. From the following BBLB I think he is gravitating into the Helen Josh Paul kinda group (maybe Amma and Bubble in there too). If Josh isnt up this week I think Dean or Elizabeth could be next to go, depending on the combo of who is up (Possibly Amma? Bubble was borderline last week too).
  • I also am starting to think with the extra housemate comparing to the 2000 series that could there be a Double Eviction or maybe a Final 4 Finale?
  • A bit of frank discussion about Narinder's PMT. Her cousin on BBLB casually mentioning it being used as a mitigating murder defence in court, and Dermott awkwardly goes 'well youre not allowed to' moving right along.
  • Brian is back with the boys bedroom. People are still thinking something could happen with him and Josh. Paul and Helen rumours of flirting as well.
  • Narinders Eviction interview was a bit hectic and funny.
Onto Week 5!
Finished Week 5
  • Fun Task, interesting looking up whats changed since then. The current tallest Sugar Cube Tower in 3 hours is from Camille Courgeon of France in 1st July 2013, with a haight of 2.08 metres, Dean's was only like 1.20 metres (beating the 1.02m previous record). The Corn Kernels one is currently held by David Rush of US on 13th November 2018, with a total of 241 kernels in 3 minutes. Bubble beat the previous UK record of 113 kernels.
  • Narinder was quite entertaining guest co-host on BBLB. Interesting juxtaposition having Bubbles Mum on alongside Paul's little brother, He just gets done talking about the experience of having/watching his brother on TV, Dermot asks about Bubble's daughter.
    Granted she's quite younger than Paul's brother (maybe around Darren from 2000's kids age range) but we just get an awkward 'well she just thinks he's gone on holiday' and 'well she's a bit young for Big Brother don't you think'
  • Well fair enough, maybe could've still at least shown her something from the G-Rated bits even though she mighn't have a concept of where Bubble actually was, especially after the efforts Bubble went to to talk about her in the house and what he went in there for, (also tell that to FNL era Ch 10 BB/Channel 9 some time later who went hard to the 'family friendly' side of the demographic! haha) but anyways, just an interesting observation.
  • another social discussion, this time brought on by the girls nude romp in the bath on Elizabeths spa day Birthday party, about Paul and Bubble would be weirded out by someone joining them if their Gf was part of the mix, regardless of their sexual orientation. And how much Brian has been able to get away with and let slide in the way of touchy feely by being a gay man (I did think when he basically joke dry humped and mounted Narinder some weeks back was perhaps a bit much and skirting some lines but it was an interesting point to bring up and also for the times, whether theres much difference in attitudes today).
  • Theres a few more moments of feeling the dynamics changing in the house and also a couple of housemates having some blase moments and rough days where they're a bit over it. We had a bit of that from Elizabeth, Josh, and Brian, even Amma had a bit of an aside to BB about the environment of the house. and Then of course we had Bubbles rollercoaster of being nominated, what he was doing it for, to the emotions of eviction.
  • Speaking of, that was a close one. Bubble was really well spoken too. Bit of a bombshell to get someo of those headlines addressed. That one about his girlfriend being accused of cheating was a bit rough. Also The Sun Vs The Mirror was a bit full on. I wonder if that had to skirt around any potential betting odds etc minefields by having The Sun openly declaring support for Bubble and backing him the way they did (Didn't do him much good in the end, although it was still close and bit of a shock eviction. How much longer can Paul take it?). I guess as long as theyre not fundsourcing campaigns for votes it would've been above board. Hmm.
  • 'BOBBLE, HOLD MOY' has to be one of the catchphrases of the season IMO. lol.

    Onto Week 6!