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I ditched this years BBCAN after 3 episodes, fairly lame & same old format and swapped to previous BBUK's, I might give the Teen one a go next :cool:
Yeah TeenBBUK (2003) is shorter than even the first 2 CBBUK's its 5 episodes around 50ish minutes each and each covers two days of the 10 Day run. It was prerecorded just after BBUK4 finished and presented by Dermot, aired later, in October 2003.
Teen BB wasn't actually commissioned to primetime and arguably only ended up there because of the sex. It was actually supposed to be an "educational" programme for C4's "4Learning" strand at the time.
BBUK5 Week 4 Done, (+Week 5 Live Task)
  • Emma on BBLB, she has a decent singing voice and went on a voice lesson singing a bit of Lisa Stansfield on the outro. Could've auditioned for XFactor. They've also got this 'Superfan' thing going on this season with a dedicated fan for every housemate (like last season they would have on the winner of a fan quiz to ask the evictee questions for a minute).
  • Looks who's back on appearances before the Finale, Kitten during this week's Eviction Prediction segment on BBLB. There was an interesting segment on EFourum this week too about whether Jason is skirting the borderline of being too much on Vanessa. More on Stuart and Michelle's relationship also.
  • 'Ginger Watch' is back, this time its Jason. and theres a campaign to get Stuart back the cowboy costume. The Cowboy hat appeared at 20 pound on the shopping klist, was reduced in a 'sale' price down to 6, when it arrived though... an oversized white sombrero style haha.
  • Jason starting to withdraw a bit being bored and this tipping off Vanessa. Ahmed getting some more edit too with some interesting conversations, as well as Dan wondering if he has shown his full self vs being up for eviction.
  • There was a toilet paper shortage, BB gave them a game of 'Big Brother Says' to get an emergency stash. Victor was a bit animated about it also earlier in the week having a bit of a thing with Shell about wanting to be involved in the shopping list thing.
  • There was a short drama task in two groups, as well as the 'plaster your different body parts to create the ultimate housemate' It has Nadia's boobs, then later they gave it a big donger, again a reminder to Nadia of her secret not yet being completely open (Michelle and Marco did casually joke about it though earlier too, perhaps trying to broach the subject).
  • Shell had an interesting conversation with the others about needing a moment with the cameras off and a picture of Owen Wilson, which also lead to a short discussion on vibrators, haha.
  • Lots of strategizing by Victor in the Diary room with BB. There have been a few mentions by housemates lately of being wary of being seen as colluding, but on the same token some of the conversations coming out of Jason and Victor's mouths in particular I'm surprised havent been pulled up that weve seen or crossed the line into collusion... yet. That being said I think both Victor and Jason have a lot of work to do to turn their images around in the grand scheme of the game, with Vanessa's 86% eviction percentage I wouldn't be surprised if they are not gone the instant they're up, and the saving grace for either one to stay longer would be if they are both up together for a single eviction at this stage. We shall see.
  • Finally an example of the full, regular eviction process this season, 4 weeks into the show. I suppose even without all the rejigging, they are on par now with 3 out, had the evictions not been shuffled and happened as it was originally intended.
  • Week 5 Live task was interesting in 3 parts ('Conundrum' being an anagram puzzle, Skittle bowling with a housemate in a big ball, and one of those buzzer cable 'operation' games where the housemate was the wand that had to be guided along the path). They only ended up losing 3000 Pound out of the 10 that was up that time.
  • Theres something else coming this week, going to be announced towards end of the Sunday BBLB I'm up to now.

    Continuing Week 5!
Oh and also the Psychologist segments were back in the catch up daily show this week. Sandra used a heart rate monitor readings on Stuart and Michelle when she returned to the house to base some insights off how Stuart feels about now she's back. One of the others was talking about Dan being the peacekeeper and I think the other one was about Nadia iirc.
Oh, think a simple but classic twist I'd forgotten about is upcoming. And soon a task which Rise and Fall has recently reminded me of.
BBUK5 Week 5 Finished, and watched a couple eps into Week 6 (Up to Day 39 BBLB/Day 38 Daily Show)
  • So the live on BBLB surprise was new housemate Becki going in. She entered through the closed Bedroom, and Walked by the others when BB called her to the Diary Room. I was thinking the going rogue of initially putting on an Italian accent, reading off the laminate she was ineligible to win and saying she was from BB Italy was gonna fall flat very quickly with both Ahmed and Marco's backgrounds, but the Daily recap show revealed she just did it to see their reaction and came clean immediately.
  • BB did allow her to tell Nadia she knew her secret. There was another conversation about trans issues about when to reveal that in a relationship between Becki, Ahmed, Victor and Jason in the bedroom on the Daily I just watched that Nadia was in the room for.
  • Jason revealed he mightve been joking when he told Dan and Vanessa he said he was bi earlier. He's lost a bit of Dan's respect as well as his moody streak lately, Dan's even thrown Jason a nomination point this week.
Oh, think a simple but classic twist I'd forgotten about is upcoming. And soon a task which Rise and Fall has recently reminded me of.
  • Nominations this week fueled a bit of Drama. The Lip Gloss gang is all up, another BBLB live moment as Michelle cracks the shits for being up. Unbeknownst to her, It was only Marco and Nadia before BB gave Becki a secret 15 minute mission to choose an instant nominee by giving them a 'Judas kiss' on each cheek. It was discussed on Efourum this week whether Becki had any sort of strategy but I think the terms of the twist were so peculiar she literally went with the plausible/less suss option of waking a sleeping Michelle to ask to borrow something. She felt a bit cut up over it after though despite having no idea whether Michelle may have received nominations anyway to have already been up (She didnt, no one else nominated her this week).
  • Marco at first reaction was pretty sulky about the situation, having some raised argument's and tone with Victor and Ahmed. Later he was paranoid about Stuart perhaps betraying him (He Didn't nominate Marco).
  • The task was a multipart 'Glastonbury festival' theme, they had to use a cooker and toilet outdoors, rush to dress up in rock outfits and get on stage, and had to write and perform 2 folk songs containing 3 selected words. They passed and got a moon party with some music (which sounded like they'd found a random volume of a NOW: Thats What I Call Music CD from 2001, cause Starlight by Supermen Lovers and Toploaders Dancing In The Moonlight were very popular that year haha).
  • BB finally gets tough on the 'Jungle Cats' for conversations that veer into collusion. Ahmed is becoming Jason and Victor's undoing, He's getting another wave of 'Ahmania' - talking about nominating Marco and Nadia using codewords, the three of them got told off and warnings. Ahmed wants to go again now but he dosent want to quit, gathering everyone and imploring them to nominate him next week and going to scream it out in the bedroom. He gets brought into the diary room for telling the housemates that as well.
  • Efourum: They had Vanessa on towrds the end of the week, also one of the girls from Liberty X, Duncan from Blue. I think that Darrell Tarkenter is becoming their resident 'BB Obsessive' on the panel he's in nearly every episode lately along with Russell and assorted rotating guests.
  • BBLB: They had Girls Aloud on again, taking two of them through the camera runs. Viewers voted for Becki's 'Superfan', Vanessa's got to do a recreation of an old knitwear catalogue before she left. The Campaign for Sherriff Stu is still going, This week BB replaced the oversized sombrero with a tiny little hat.
  • I looked up 'Dick and Dom' from 'Da Bungalow' looks like that particular show of theirs ran from 02-06, kinda hamish and andy esque /other male comedy duo kinda vibes there.
  • The Psychologist segments in week 6 episode. Interesting one's about Jason and his 'narcissism', and about Stuart and his different 'characters' also he had a clean shave this week of his beard off. and Whoomp there it is, the 'BITCHING' Psych segment is back, only this season it was delivered by Geoffrey.
  • Marco is evicted, It'll be interesting to see Nadia from here without him, and havent seen the percentage yet. They also did the interview on the stage theyve set up outside the house this season rather than the studio.
  • The saturday task wasnt broadcast live this week - just shown on daily show update. Maybe there was a scheduling clash? Euro 2004 final or something like that (would've been 3rd July 2004 iirc). Farmers and 'Cows' pairs chosen by Dan to do a blindfolded course with a 'cattle prod' - Jason and Ahmed swapped because Ahmed had a thing about being blindfolded so they only lost their part of the task for 2,500 pound.
  • Davina also mentioned there'll be more to come with Jason and Victor too - I'm guessing they wont be able to nominate perhaps? (I think highly likely they mightve been up anyway this week but we'll see).

    Onto Week 6!
BBUK5 Week 6 Done;
  • Schoolyard task was fun, a few different elements to it (and it also became a memorable task in BBAU 2005). The reenactments of history (some with a twist!) was entertaining, Titanic, Moon Landing, Ahmed doing Elvis' death, and Jason Being Geri leaving the Spice Girls (Becki had an outfit with extra heads representing the rest of them lol).
  • It also tied in well thematically to Shell, who had an interesting rollercoaster of a week (Crying over not sleeping well, playing the 'Jason and Victor don't take my inputs seriously because it's a woman's voice'). At first I was wondering hey... aren't they breaking the no contact immersion a bit by telling her she graduated her degree with honours (I think they called it 'a "First"'). But then I remembered (and they explained) that it was on that list of 'things I want to be told about' and Its not often they've actually invoked those on BBAU (and IIRC it has to be something personal, like it cant be 'I want to know if my footy team makes/wins the Grand Final' thats a public thing as far as I recall).
  • They had a Graduates party, Day 41 episode was definitely full of T & A, Nudie runs by Shell and Michelle, dares to lick jam off nipples. Becki and Nadia slapping the guy's asses with flip flops (and again the girls all on Stuart and a bit of Dan later on in the week).
  • Bit of trouble in paradise for Stuart again getting a bit overwhelmed at their behaviour and then shying away from wanting to go in the spa later with Michelle. After he had a bit more of a one-on-one chat with Dan, it seems part of it is he sees it as potentially being serious between them, but not wanting to be quite so full on whilst inside the house where its all being watched and then Michelle goes and does crazy things like nudie runs. Dan suggests maybe speak to Michelle whether they might keep it low key until they're out of the house.
  • They ended up failing the task, in the final segment, a spelling bee, a couple of them spelled incorrectly, tipping it over the fail limit for the overall task. Including Nadia, who had the relatively simple word 'Balloon' but it's not as easy for her native language. The Housemates organised a 'silence protest' the next day. BB stopped responding to them in the Diary room, made the bedroom and spa area off limits, and then went heinous - showing them setting Stuart's cowboy hat alight on the plasma screen (Much to Dermot and BBLB campaign's shock and horror lol).
  • Some of the others went in to wave the white flag, but BB still didn't talk to them - Michelle led the pack taking the Diary room camera outside, and attempting to set the pole alight. That was the final straw and ended the protest - Michelle got a first and final warning for the severity of her actions.
  • Nominations; yep, its Jason and Victor cant nominate. Funny though they called them into the Diary room and told them both individually on the day of, not like with Jade in BB3 where she was told beforehand, then they skipped calling her name on nominations day and she fessed up why.
  • Bit of bad strategy perhaps by Jason IMO to immediately blab to the others on his exit, I could visualise Victor internally screaming 'Duddde...Shut UP!' because at that point that could've been easy open season for Michelle, Nadia, Stuart, Shell to at least connect the dots and go 'ooh ok, Jason cant defend and nominate back', Boom Boom Boom Boom (I Want you in my room) jks, but 4 noms straight on him to be definitely up for sure (or Victor as well if they were thinking he'd cop the same punishment as implicated by Jason). Ithink Nadia was gonna do Jason and Victor anyway, but after all that, and they STILL didn't have enough points to be in the firing line? a got off lucky escape indeed, Victor.
  • Add to that, BB vetoing Stuart's vote for Ahmed, probably on the basis that he based his entire reason on 'he told everyone to nominate him' without offering any alternative reason that wasn't so influenced (like Shell and some others did that made it valid) Ahmed was still infront of Jason. by one point if I did the maths right.
  • Marco was utilised well on BBLB and Efourum this week, in a wading pool with Dermot and his superfan; reunion with Emma, taking 'Nanny Doodle' out for the day at some bunnings style garden store + Cafe place; and what looks to have replaced the 'Psychics/Astrologers etc vs Average joe Eviction Prediction segment thsi week with heading to a Zoo to have a Seal predict the evictee.
  • The had Vanessa Feltz (from CBBUK1) on Efourum again too and some different 'BB Fanatics' other than Darrell.
  • Interesting match up with Ahmed and Becki being nominated. This might've been as good of an opportunity for Becki to have a shot of staying on another week, but It seems Ahmed started being ok to stay again as the week went on, also upon her eviction interview (Lots of Boos! in the crowd) it seemed the outcome of the Judas kiss nomination may have been a bigger contributor to her downfall than previously thought. (The Sun (?) organising a flyover message during the week 'Becki Nominated Michelle' and then Becki not being able to freely admit to Michelle also didn't help). I thought she was pretty good value and could've maybe done with another week, the discussions she brought up, talking to herself, some kooky behaviour with Nadia and the girls (The Impromptu Moulin Rouge bit (Victor also did some Boyz II Men lol).
  • Some guest on BBLB also mentioned we haven't had an Intruder last past their first opportunity to be evicted yet, and I was thinking 'Well Josh and Tim both lasted a while after they were first eligible', but that was also because they weren't put up immediately. But I think they meant It still stands so far that an Intruder has not yet survived the eviction the first time they are actually nominated.
  • Nominations will definitely be interesting next week. Dan has also expressed he's not in it to win it and may walk in the final week if the outcome looks to be likely. I also think maybe they might throw in an actual double eviction or a mid week eviction or something to settle numbers down to the final 4. Maybe towards the end like end of week 8? We shall see.

    That'll do for now on Wk 6. Onto Week 7!
So Affiliate - remember when this aired the house was clearly split and most viewers fell on one side or the other, so are you a Jungle Cat or a Lip Gloss Bitch?
So Affiliate - remember when this aired the house was clearly split and most viewers fell on one side or the other, so are you a Jungle Cat or a Lip Gloss Bitch?
Haha both sides could be a bit much at times But for instance I can see how there are some moments with Victor he might be putting the master strategist persona on a bit for the fun of the game or something. As a viewer I enjoy watching Dan though although kinda in the neutrals now, he still goes around and gets involved in some of the shenanigans or mediates and stuff.

Theres also how Jungle Cats might be aiming for the strategy of keeping the neutrals around for the final week, so when it switches to vote to win, they're banking on viewers feeling much less strongly about those guys to absorb some of the vote maybe. With Marco being the main source of friction (now shifted a little to Nadia) and now gone, as a viewer I'd say yeah keep Jungle Cats in a little more, or slowly evict one at a time starting with Ahmed (who seems like more a pawn than having his own strategy with his I wanna stay!/I Wanna gooo!... or does he?) finally or something like that to get them nervous again would be entertaining to watch play out.
Up to BBUK5 Day 45 Show just wanted to say this boot camp Sergeants and Privates task is really bringing it.

I really want to see them pass with this added extra of it being tied to this weeks eviction and the prospect of 6 nominees (3 never been up) and not just Jason and Michelle, could be a little more unpredictable. They get 3 fails limit per day but Jason's been making some dumb moves and also Ahmania at play - he's now trying to stage a coup and Michelle's having none of it.

More thoughts later but also Day 46 BBLB - is that the BB4 lounge in the green room at the beginning there? Haha.
Definitely not. I was a Jungle Cat through and through. If BBUK had the US format I think Victor would be remembered as the most legendary housemate of all time.

Tagging this so I'm not spoiling it for Affiliate
If it wasn't for one moment that was his undoing I think in the wedding week he'd have likely made Final 2 and perhaps even won.
More thoughts later but also Day 46 BBLB - is that the BB4 lounge in the green room at the beginning there? Haha.
Green couch, Red cushions. So Popular, its also turned up in 15 Year old BB Obsessive panellist Jon Connell on the Day 46 EFourum show. lol.

Also side note for Efourum Day 46, I had to look up this band Chris Park was from, from what?, 'Fix'?? oh... 'Phixx'.
So they were made up of runners up from the Male side of Popstars The Rivals (where Girls Aloud came from).

Catchy few singles, bit of hello hello fanservice and gratuitious shirtlessness in the first two music videos there haha. Kinda get some vibes remind me a little bit like Mercury 4, which was a short run one album wonder boyband we had in 2003-2004. They also had a cover (Phixx did something from Duran Duran I see here) as one of their latter singles, Bobby Brown's 'Every Little Step'.

I wonder if we'll get any asides or appearances from Busted for Stuart at some point (McFly and Big Brovaz and some other members of Blue have been part of the roving eyes segments - also Cheeky Girls and Boy George! Haha).
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BBUK5 Week 7 Done;
  • What a week. That Sergeants/Privates task had some proper stakes and really brought out sides of some of them, especially Michelle, Ahmed, Nadia and Dan. This would have been a good one for Australia to copy/adapt in 2005-2008 with a real nominations twist.
  • I haven't seen the percentages yet, but I thought It was really good to see them pass the task and have 6 up for something a bit different, even if Ahmed was highly expected to go in the back and forth (also discussed on Efourum) whether he is still of some entertainment value or his 'Ahmania' has run its course now (after blowing up big time in the task this week, arguments with Shell, Michelle, Dan etc.) and some are a bit tired of it now. It was a bit edge of your seat on the day Ahmed blew 2 fails for using the china cups and they had a third fail as well so right on the limit for that day.
  • Jason being picked by Michelle could be a bit of a blessing for him, He kinda redeemed himself a little bit this week IMO having the outcome of the task to deal with in secret (Not being able to tell the privates why failing would put both him and Michelle up). But not only that, When Nadia was being a bit overdramatic from ciggie withdrawals again and thinking Jason was singling her out for placing her last in the Salute Drill set of the task.
  • I reckon you could see it in Jason's facial reactions he just was frustrated by her getting the wrong idea of his intentions and wanting to be very clear about it and settle it, Although I do agree with Dan his tone and presence sometimes does more to antagonise the situation (like doing the 'you've spat out your dummy' thing twice to call Nadia out on how she was taking him the wrong way) rather than leaving her alone and giving her some space. That's the thing I think he could've maybe approached differently.
  • BB did kinda give in I thought when Nadia was threatening to walk again over the lack of cigs. Making her grovel to Jason to give her those reward extras as part of the task mightn't have been wise (same way some people were saying Emma and Victor should've been put in the bedsit together to sort out their issues but that could've just made things so much worse at the same time). But perhaps they could have given a few extra to Michelle to give to her or something so it wasn't quite as pushover I dunno. All in all even accounting for the withdrawals I thought Nadia was being a bit melodramatic and I felt Jason came off a little bit more sympathetic in that exchange.
  • On another note, even Jason seems to be coming around with Victor's view that if he lost to Nadia, she has been a hell of a character with a journey in the house and would be a worthy winner of the season as well.
  • On the other hand there was still some lighthearted moments with the task, with all of BB's entendres about 'Holding your privates' and 'are you proud of your privates' etc. lol.
  • Stuart is still a big kid, the task gave him another roleplay opportunity as 'Private Wilson', and also being dragged back by BB to the Diary room having to bring back the task BB flag multiple times to be returned after he wanted to keep it as a cape and run around the house and yard with it. He also had a bit of an emotional moment in the diary room and was trying to wrap his head around yeast and kneading when Michelle was showing him how to bake bread. EFourum also dubbed him a 'Jungle Kitten'.
  • Nadia had a mini task where she had to make the other housemates laugh. There was also a bit of a 'dating service in the diary room' mini task. Victor's about page was funny he had several references to Big D Energy when the camera zoomed in.
  • Marco and Emma got 'rented out' again on BBLB, this time it was a flamenco dancing class. Becki got to flex some of her Psychology degree in a segment, and also last week they had a little mini mock trial with Marco similar to what they did with Josh back in BBUK2.
  • Also guess who was back on Day 50 BBLB; Yep Avid Merrion. lol.
  • They moved Ahmed's eviction interview back in the studio rather than onstage after the teething issues they had with Marco's and Becki's the weeks before. Ahmed did get some boos and was a bit stiff at times in the interview, but he finally got his moment meeting 'Dah.veen ahhhhh ' I'm coming to get youhhhh!' Haha.
Week 8 Next!
BBUK5 Week 8 Done; whew that was another ride of a week;
  • The Saturday task with the fish guts slide if partner got their question wrong; and fish milkshake offer at the end as bonus round to salvage some money (yeah I wouldn’t drink that either Stuart) Michelle had a really rough time with that. Some of those questions were tough, I would’ve got that Mexican sauce one wrong (although ‘Guacamole’ wasn’t a good guess for a hot sauce name, Jason) and for Nadia’s I thought of Caviar first but that’s not Greek dish with fish eggs).
  • Day 52 episode: Sumo Suits were funny, Victor and Michelle having a little sing of Mya’s ‘Case Of The Ex’. Some funny wake up alarms being songs too like 'Shaddup Your Face'.
  • I think we found a candidate for the bizarre/random out of context scene of this season, the episode ends with everyone asleep and Jason in the bathroom starkers except for covering his bits and bronzing his ass, and the final angle is just a shot of him standing there from behind. lol.
  • There was also a creative shot of him doing those facial expressions lifting the stool as a weight, the camera angle pointed at his reflection which was framed as kindof a distorted fun house mirror.
  • Ahmed was good on BBLB they 'lent him out' like they did with Marco and Emma; to a kids dance class. Also some interesting guests like an update on the betting odds shifting.
  • Dermott visted Russell on the Efourum set, funny they were talking about Russell's thoughts on weddings and being from a 'broken home', oh Russell, in a few years you'll have had your own extravagant location wedding and high profile divorce from a certain Pop star thats not really on the scene just yet...
  • Also of note, on Efourum they are advertising a 'Motorola V80' Slide panel phone modelled by Kitten and then Ahmed. There's also a 'Jungle Cats' hand sign along the Team Handsome one it looks like.
  • They also had some more Team Handsome in to discuss Stuart and Michelle. Getting that out of the way we got THAT racy and kinda uncomfortably voyeuristic (although you couldn't see what was going on but you just KNEW) under the table scene, and it looks like they went for it AGAIN and made use of the 'love den' with some sheeting for the wedding task after Shell and Victor definitely weren't going to use it. Also the aftermath with the code talk in describing they had sex to Nadia and Shell 'boosting your immune system, with a 'tool' or with a finger?' and 'While birdwatching I saw a Swallow' Nadia: 'what kinda bird is that?' LOL
  • Michelle is again starting to be a bit much IMO with some of her carry on about Stuart getting a backbone for once and putting his foot down he didnt want to walk into being the groom for the task just so Michelle could play out a Bride fantasy when it seemed so obviously geared towards them making that decision.
  • We did get it before briefly but I think it would be good to see Stuart free from Michelle for the final week to give him a shot at just relaxing and maybe being a little bit more of 'himself'? His TH mate was saying on phone on Efourum the A-Level stuff was maybe a bit of bravado to talk himself up to get on the show. The other way was also discussed, leaving Michelle in there would potentially see her going crazy wondering what he's up to on the outside, or, some have posited He's giving her that attention whilst on the inside, when theyre out they mightnt be as full on with each other. hmmm.
  • The Task, THE TASK... what another cracker where you possibly couldn't have scripted it better. It turned into like a legit soap opera.
  • Michelle flipping off BB when she didn’t get to hear the ‘Pie Jazoo’ or whatever song 2 more times to prepare the day of the performance as the 'Clariclarclar' (Chorister). Next minute theres a shot of tugging the diary room door as she’s trying to get out… BB: ‘you may now leave the Diary Room Michelle’ LOL. Then she goes and does some on the fly R&B version of it to make do. LOL.
  • 'Ill Make Love To You' makes its way into the vows... The Hens Night/Stag Nights complete with Stripping performances.
  • Shell overhears Jason and Victor bitching, particularly Victor talking about laying how he really thinks about some peiople out after the task is done. Day of the wedding, Some of what has been brewing with Shell having some emotional moments over the season and also some cold shoulder from Victor bubbles to the surface, coupled with Victor having been in a bit of a mood all day, recipe for Shell to go 'nah I dont want to talk about it later' and getting teary in the bedroom, during which BB asks for the first Dance (BBLB viewers picked Eric Clapton song), which erupts in some words between them (who would've thought from Shell although as I said we had seen glimpses of that earlier) and Victor pretty much starts torpedoing himself and having no filter also with Dan a bit.
  • Meanwhile Stu and Michelle are still talking about how Michelle thinks they would have made a less drama filled wedding duo. lol.
  • The nominations and Eviction. 4 up, including Jason's first, and Dan and Nadia again with Victor. Also if Victor had nominated Jason, He also wouldn't have been up iirc the votes correctly. It seems that Victor went a bit too far, that argument really turned the tide away from Jason and although it was close, It's Victor out.
  • TBH and this was discussed a little on Efourum and a little on BBLB, but I think that could still be interesting. Although they ultimately cant control the edit, Victor and Jason discussing the dynamics of the house and being so game plan focused was starting to get a bit stale IMO and good to be broken up. Now I think it might depend on how Jason acts in Week 9, whether he'll lighten up and perhaps be forced to interact with the others more that Victor's gone, or he already seems resigned to following him out the door next week, he could just continue to isolate himself and 'give up' a little like Fed seemed to last season. Also perhaps if the task ends up creating unpredictable magic elements with the dynamic remaining left in the house like it has the last 2 weeks have.
  • Also interesting that theyve made it all six up, no nominations and it seems just a single eviction next week, leaving 5 for the final week. I was Expecting a double eviction, so It'll be interesting to see how they format it from here to the Finale whether its gonna be all 5 or perhaps a mid week eviction in Week 10 ala BB2. We shall see.

    That'll do for now, onto Week 9!
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They had a kid on Britain's Got Talent this weekend doing a rendition of Pie Jesu and nearly two decades on I can't hear that without thinking of Michelle.
BBUK5 Week 9 Done;
  • The guess the celebrity BB voice Saturday task. I would’ve got Cheeky Girls probably not the rest. I think I’m familiar with Roland Rat, but Don't think I'd be able to name him like Stuart (no Busted? missed opportunity perhaps).
  • Jason really feeling the isolation from the rest for a day or two, even thinking about leaving, but then having the gym equipment delivered perked him up a bit and then the 48 hr Chained together task bringing him closer to the others (although he still was a bit pained about it).
  • Nadia to Dan in Bed: ‘Do You have a strap on?’ Dan: ‘I Don’t need a strap on’ LOL.
  • The ‘what makes a Gangsta?’ discussion in the back of the hummer on BBLB - The LOL when the guest goes ‘the Gangsta guy would be listening to stuff like Usher, P.Diddy…’ haha bit on the slightly more pop n B side I’d say, but then again it was 2004 and Usher was smack in the midst of his massive Confessions album era and ‘Yeah!’ was one of the songs that defined the year and was EVERYWHERE.
  • Michelle during the pottery wheel mini task while theyre still in pairs: ’Nohhh Shell NOT like Ghost’ Next scene: Michelle and Jason watching Dan and Nadia, Michelle: Proceeds to start singing Unchained Melody. LOL and then later when Shell and Stu are doing their vase theres a long angle of Michelle sitting on the decking watching them waiting for Jason to finish toilet but it looks like she’s hiding behind a shrub.
  • Victor was giving a bit of Kitten hogging airtime on his Efourum appearance. also giving some hot takes on it and BBLB (the Slick Man Speaks he was good at doing the autocue and brought his son on the final appearance).
  • Side notes on Efourum guests: I looked up Blazin’ Squad too when ‘Flava’ was on, not sure if ‘Crossroads’ or the original sounds familiar, but I do see that one of the other members will show up on CBB3 coming up. I didn’t see a placing for him though. I also happened to see that Calum Best appears in not one but two CBB’s way down the track in C5’s era. Were they hard up for Celebrities putting their hand up that year or he just got put in again as some sort of Celeb All stars/newbies season I wonder but thats not for a while. Also Lisa Scott Lee from Steps! (and also I didn’t mention but they had Catherine Tate on BBLB doing some impressions the other week).
  • Some more actual songs waking them up, Chain Reaction and the Combine Harvester, etc. They had Scott Mills on BBLB rating the final six choices for package songs, some of them went quite well with some specific storyline packages they mocked up (Jason: Franz Ferdinand's 'Take Me Out' and Michelle: Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love'). Haha.
  • Lending Victor out, The Go Karting seemed like the easiest choice compared to plumbing or an early start milk run.
  • Another betting odds flip! This time its Michelle, this task really brought out some more of her insecurities around Stuart spending any amount of time away from her and being connected to Shell. That was also interesting how they had 2 at the wrists, 2 at the waist, and 2 and the ankle.
  • Jason has scraped in his way into the final week after another huge change of the tides and I was like yes! Lets see Stuart again without Michelle even if its only a week or so.
  • Although Jason still seems not exactly thrilled with the company left in the house. I’m thinking with the votes now switching over to vote to win we could very well see Jenni Trent Hughes’ on BBLB ideal scenario final 2 of him and Nadia and someone like Shell could be the one that bows out very easily, now they’ve confirmed theres a surprise eviction 2 days before the finale.
  • I wonder if it’ll be brought up in either of the last 2 Efourums or on BBLB but I reckon when BB was messing with them holding Stuart in the Diary room that prank I think they could have committed to the bit a little more to really play with them IMO - like actually send him to the bedsit for an hour or something, dont let him shout out to Michelle at the door then suddenly he’s ‘not allowed to communicate’ but they still know he's in there and hasnt left the house - what was then the point of getting fresh milk and moving a duvet and pillow to the storeroom. hmm.
  • Nadia also had a 'Shouter'. there was definitely a discussion whether Dan, Shell and Stuart heard what was said ('Nadia is a Man') or they were pretending not to have heard for Nadia's sake. I think Dan has worked it out though from some of the comforting scenes he had with her after.
  • Anyways that episode ended with Jason alone in the bedroom… and it looks like something happening under that sheet there… OH. way to end Week 9’s episodes LOL.

    Onto Week 10! (Finale Week) :)
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Which week was the silent protest?
Week 6 after the School task; That was some classic BB Vs the housemates standoff Haha.
  • They ended up failing the task, in the final segment, a spelling bee, a couple of them spelled incorrectly, tipping it over the fail limit for the overall task. Including Nadia, who had the relatively simple word 'Balloon' but it's not as easy for her native language. The Housemates organised a 'silence protest' the next day. BB stopped responding to them in the Diary room, made the bedroom and spa area off limits, and then went heinous - showing them setting Stuart's cowboy hat alight on the plasma screen (Much to Dermot and BBLB campaign's shock and horror lol).
  • Some of the others went in to wave the white flag, but BB still didn't talk to them - Michelle led the pack taking the Diary room camera outside, and attempting to set the pole alight. That was the final straw and ended the protest - Michelle got a first and final warning for the severity of her actions.