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BB/CBB UK - Rewatch discussions

It’s mad to think that 3m+ still tuned in each Saturday to watch those tasks back in 2003… such a different time! I do remember the excitement of seeing the reward room revealed for the first time. After all the speculation about there being a secret pub in the house (and the show not being over saturated with secret room twists) it was a simple idea but still created a big hype.
Yes, the Rewards Room that year was very well done - just a simple idea of a room they could change each week to fit the purpose. All the effort was clearly put towards that rather than the tasks themselves. It's not as if the Weekly Tasks, reintroduced this series, were completely on the cheap too - yes, not the budget of BB5 onwards but certainly a step up from where they were in BB2.
Week 4 Finished. and a lot of developments!
  • A Double Eviction! This is a first for BBUK (outside of the Finale at least, Australia Had done a Mid series Double in 2002 by this point). The way it split and narrowed down to just three Is certainly going to be a game changer and shift the house dynamics quite considerably Between Cameron, Fed, and Jon.
  • The Superhero task was entertaining, Fed (Again) being the one to almost fail. One thinks it would be wise to try and make your costume as simple as possible KNOWING it was a timed element task, still I think it was mentioned their costume had to contain so many elements at the very least. But FINALLY they manage to scape it through and Win a Task.
  • 'Whiff Watch' - Possibly one of the most involved scenes Gos has been with the edit this week, and it still hasnt been found by the girls in their bedroom.
  • Fed probably should've went last week, he just completely threw it in and just didn't GAF towards the end there. His Eviction interview was one of the most bizarre weve had in a while though 'What's a 'winkle'?' LOL Davina had her hands full with him and Jon coming out on the same night.
  • Speaking of, The way the cookie crumbled with the Double means that Jon going is probably thus far the biggest pivot point in the season, A bit like Paul V Bubble, and Alex Vs Spencer. You could see it from the other POV though and say that maybe his schtick was running its course and starting to stagnate a little.
  • OTOH, I think Cameron getting nominated may have been just the right wake up call at the right time, He's certainly started to get a little more cheekier hanging around Nush and Steph and getting a bit more lively, although maybe that could be a bit of the nominated status giving him a bit more of the edit too, I dunno.
  • Ray starting to get on the outer, I get the feeling he might fill the nominations fodder void left by Jon and Fed now, there was that whole business with trying to drag Tania into the shower that went a bit far, and Jon wasn't a fan of him pranking the girls a bit much either. We'll See.
  • Nominations will definitely be interesting next week, If they Nominate Gos, who imo is probably flying under the radar the most along with maybe Scott and Steph? I don't think they have received many nominations at all thus far now Cameron's been nominated (and started perking up more from the experience).
  • Onto Week 5!

Federico should have lasted a bit longer than he did. Boring Jon got the headlines but Fed was much more of a disrupter in the house and bought a bit more fun to proceedings.
Federico should have lasted a bit longer than he did. Boring Jon got the headlines but Fed was much more of a disrupter in the house and bought a bit more fun to proceedings.
Hmm perhaps, Coming to a head maybe again with Ray or the others, but also could've got even more 'Fed' up and ended up sleeping the days away or walking, which Is why I think he could've gone the week prior instead of Sissy who still wanted to be there, But then again He might have also bounced back, but at that point I think he was just clearly over being in the house and didn't care if he went.

I'm now up to the BBLB Day 31, South Africa swap thing will be very interesting to see play out. Anouska wasnt at the Double Eviction for personal reasons. I think her arriving in Australia for her visit to BBAU was around July 1st, so That's coming up in another week from where i'm up to (22nd June) or so Wonder if the personal reasons were just that or it may have been at least somewhat connected to setting all that up.
Week 5 Done.
  • The Geography Task was quick and fun. It ended up the way Pass The Parcel could have if I had my maths right couple weeks back. Leaving just Nush in the house alone whilst the others had a formal dinner party in the RR. They could've maybe spun the Africa twist out of that set up in some way as well.
  • But we got Cameron Accepting the secret mission and secretly being whisked off in exchange for Gaetano for a couple days (that intro package was entertaining). Both ends definitely left their mark - The first BBA episode we were shown was fairly tame, but my word the second was a bit wild haha, Cameron getting himself right into whatever the hell Abby was blabbing on about with Zayn. Then we have Alex and Tapuwa(?) having this bizarre back and forth where he's basically calling her boring and not as smart as him, who's only had 2 orgasms in her life, while she's saying how hot and virile he struts around as she dosn't know what to do with herself Alex: "Go Masturbate". LOL all while Cameron and one of the other girls are just watching them from the floor. That other guy telling about his London friend was funny, and Stefan on the guitar in the background (I Think I recognised bits of Coldplay 'The Scientist' being played). The Rain Dances were interesting, Cameron had a bit of a funny moment.
  • Back in BBUK, There was a bit of a misfire with the 'Pig' comment towards Tania, but they got over it fairly quickly. The video cross between houses was pretty good too so at least they got to see each other. Gos had a few moments with Gaetano in the last episode before they swapped back. Bit of LOL at him telling the BBA house he slept with Nush - Twice!
  • Nominations - all three Grirls up, and helped along by Nush and Steph nominating each other. Tania a very decisive exit - and happy to be out. The Blusher caked on was a crowd moment. Anouska is at the Eviction, so She's still here - for now. She'll be in The BBAU house for a visit by the following Thursday. Theres also a lot of 'Will They Wont They' with Cameron and Steph - Maybe it couldve helped her through this weeks eviction a little if people want to see more? Although I think it was a pretty clear result for Tania out this week.
  • Jon and Fed were both well used on BBLB this week - Jon getting a mohawk cut. They also passed the questions about each other task - so they'll be good for budget in Week 6.
  • They still havent found the Whiff Watch, although Nush now smells it (but has taken to sleeping directly above it on the double bed). It's been 10 Days and counting (and Scott has checked on it). Watch this space.
  • After last weeks Shake up with the double and now Tania going, another fairly big personality - as well as not having Cameron in the house, It's seemed a little this week to me at some points like the show was a little further along with a smaller cast - like this was Week 7 or something instead of 5, (and even a little with all the twisty stuff going on). Weve only just passed halfway and theres 4 more weeks to go! With some of the Housemates left, it will be interesting to see what happens.
  • Onto Week 6, apparently theres something else big coming in the Live Task and also Sunday's BBLB - hmm.
Week 6 was pretty wild.
  • Weekly task wasn't so much a task but a staggered introduction to Lisa the new housemate. Gos and Cameron as the last two and discovering that there was no short straw was entertaining.
  • Nominations. It worked out to be 3 nominees, Gos finally getting nominated, as well as Ray, with Nush. Scott technically hasn't been up yet via full house nomination process (Who was it that put him up first week? Sissy? Nush?).
  • How the week progressed and Lisa wasting no time in creating some waves. (Don't ask me any more Questions about the outside world! Ray asking about Osama and Saddam really showing the Iraq news dominating the headlines in about April 2003 just before they went in). Particularly Cameron is getting a bit exasperated by her, There were some edit shots of him having a bit of a side eye face with Lisa, and also him venting in the diary room, in some instances I think hes starting to veer into coming across kinda cocky after returning from Africa.
  • Lisa had a bit of a panic attack during the outdoor jumps section of the task, which they bet 100% on and passed, although they didnt find tie to show the actual 2nd part of the task where Nush had to show correct mounting style of the fake horse in the house.
  • Steph is also having some aversions with Lisa. I had to laugh when she used the term 'Intruder' and cringed in one of her DR visits with BB, because that term was what we in Australia Adopted from the start, and boy is Lisa doing a good job so far (if She does indeed have a game plan no nonsense lets just fly with it approach entering this far into the game) at stirring. Maybe John the psychologist will be able to now do a 'Bitching' segment this season for the Weekend catch up show. LOL.
  • Theres some focus on Scott and Nush now becoming closer, It does seem like its just good mates mucking around but yeah, at this part of the season its feeling a bit how Paul and Helen suddenly started slipping into hang on... territory.
  • 'Whiff Watch' after 14 Days went out rather anti climactically when Scott toook the opportunity when Nush and Steph went into the DR together to dispose of the Minging soup under the Girls Double Bed. At least hint at them to finally discover it! Notice Lisa still avopided taking the double and instead opted for the bed next to it (Perhaps unaware it had already been cleared out?). Now BBLB seem to have moved on to 'Sweat Watch' on Scott for the moment.
  • We got some snippets of Anouska's visit to Australia and Entry night to the house on BBLB. One of the Facts on the ticker was off though, Yes we do use 2 and 1 pts nomination system but its not 'Save votes' all the time, At that point it was just a one off gimmick change up for one week iirc. They could've also mentioned we use 3 nominees minimum system.
  • I also over the few series I've watched understand Dermot's confusion about how much Interaction Gretel has with the house and housemates compared to Davina. Hey, we were even shown the South African BB Host personally delivering Gaetano back into the BBAfrica house. The most Interaction the UK housemates have with Davina is just hearing her announcements on Eviction nights. They dont see her on the in house TV filmed from a strategic angle, they don't have pre eviction group chats, or interviews with her from the diary room (most of that is already covered by chats with BB during the week's daily shows). They dont even formally meet her going into the house until she greets them upon their eviction (Although I seem to recall this may change, I think by the time of the BB8 launch (Which I saw back then) she was talking to them before they went in iirc?).
  • There was a bit more 'your choice' happening with BBLB this week, the audience giot to choose between Pork or Lamb for the post task BBQ, and then between an Irish Pub or East End Pub decor for the upcoming Rewards Room.
  • Change in Schedule due to a security scare on Eviction Night, the Housemates were evacuated for a few hours to a holding room. Apparently a sniffer dog picked up possible explosives from a package of some cable tie contraptions? Anyway, it made for a Saturday Eviction with No Crowd just some press, crew and the Housemates families, which was strange to me. Davina kept saying that 'we couldnt keep the crowd overnight so BBLB is gonna make it up to you Gos'. Was the eviction a ticketed event? What were BB Fans doing on a Saturday night that meant they would'nt just show back up the next night? Maybe they just wanted to give the evacuation incident some space and keep it low key. hmmm.
  • Gos was ready to go, the whole thing did add somewhat to his Eviction interview which was pretty entertaining, He did have a grand time in the house, although some of it didn't quite shine through the edit as much. He did seem to get a good flow with his nominations too in that last week.
  • What we know about the next challenge (now moved to during Sunday's BBLB) will be interesting and throw another spanner in there. The Sole winner will gain some kindof HOH status and be the sole nominator of THREE housemates. I kinda want Lisa to win just to watch the chaos ensue and so she wont be up first time she's eligible at least and likely be straight out.

    Onto Week 7!
At that stage the show was only permitted to have an audience on a certain number of nights a year, largely restricted to Fridays. That said even without that restriction after a security scare one night having an audience the next wouldn't have been the wise move from the security point of view, and even if they could release tickets or allow those who were due to attend back the following night many would have had travel/hotel arrangements in place based on attending on the Friday.
At that stage the show was only permitted to have an audience on a certain number of nights a year, largely restricted to Fridays. That said even without that restriction after a security scare one night having an audience the next wouldn't have been the wise move from the security point of view,
Yeah I figured this mightve ultimately been the case.

Week 7, Ray has 'Won' the windup animal race. Thinking on it more, Nominations will be interesting since Ray is one of the only ones who gels well with Lisa, also It could be a strategic move to leave Her out of this weeks nominees (Ensuring an original exit), then be possibly up against her next week with less chance of going himself (unless the public heed some of the BBLB Guests speeches about not voting her out to keep the potential drama up) and bam Final week for him.

The Other thing will be whether his 'Superpower' will be kept secret by Big Brother (I.e. have the Housemates nominate as per usual, but only Ray and us know its only his votes that counted for it to 'somehow' end up 3 nominees again). This would help him not be hesistant to not nominate Lisa to get on the others annoyed side and nominate him in Week 8. Or it could go the other way and Public keep Lisa in and it narrows down to the other two up with her. We Shall see.
Was always so odd at this stage in BBUK (and indeed later too) that having the sole power to nominate was seen as a bad thing.
Week 7 Complete.
  • Way to tell them pretty much EVERYTHING about the twist straightaway, Big Brother sheesh. Took the wind out the sails of what could've been drip fed out a bit more I thought.
  • Like They could've teased it out several other ways IMO, like giving Ray an 'Extra nomination point' but then revealing to him only that his votes would count in the DR; Telling the rest that only Ray's votes counted AFTER, or not revealing the actual nominees and having them all pack ready to go on friday to preserve who else Ray actually chose maybe, We could've still got a bit of him wrestling with the guilt/choice of who he put up/who actually went, but this way we still got a bit of him under pressure (plus Lisa shooting herself in the foot a bit as well) so it worked ok this way as well I guess.
  • Ray gambling pretty much all of the shopping budget for the 'Task' and coming out only 2 pound win on Roulette.
  • The Rewards room being open to everyone but Cameron for several hours a day/night for a couple days was another interesting shift up of the room which lent to some dynamic moments this week as well.
  • BBLB Avid Merrion is back on, also Coolio (RIP) made an appearance rapping with Gos. There was supposedly a second update on Anouska in Australia notice that popped up, but I think It got pushed out of schedule by Gos' Eviction Walk re do segment maybe.
  • Also on BBLB More Audience participation choosing two from four songs (accompanied by Dermot's Dance moves) for Ray to choose between as a wake up call. Someone in production really loves Ronan Keating's 'Life Is A Rollercoaster' because it kept coming back up as an option but ultimately wasn't chosen by Ray over the likes of Sugababes' 'Freak Like Me' and Bloodhound Gang 'The Bad Touch'. lol.
  • The final night in the RR where they had a Leprechaun party - Lisa goes full lay it on the table rant, lots of Truth or Dare snogging, including Nush drunkenly escalating things with Scott and It now seems to be soooo Awkward next day. Back to back in the toilet scene... You can hardly see anything, but wasnt it like a noted thing that nudity whilst showering was fair game (although this season they have peculiarly given them an enclosed shower and modesty strip on the shower panel) but BB wouldn't show Housemates actually doing their business in the Toilet? I believe Scott may have been er.. 'streaming' at some points of that chatting with Nush. Haha.
  • Cameron has some sort of 'Secret' he wont tell BB or the others... yet. hmmm.
  • Lisa rather decisively is out with a whopping 82% over Cameron and Steph. It was interesting to see her claify why she kept just talking about herself or being more forceful and standing her ground to be seen and acknowleged rather than toning down after she wasnt gelling with the others as a group on those occasions. (lol at the matching outfits weirding Steph out, I noticed that too as well as she matched the fabric of the foam horses in week 6 too).
  • I can see where Gos was coming from though as well on BBLB, If she came in fully expecting to not last long (and definitely with that approach making it harder) Yes it was entertaining, but If she didn't go this week, next weeks final (?) nominations maybe would've been somewhat predictable with her up again, Instead having just the OG 5 would get back to another dynamic and noms would be harder as well as not dragging Lisa out again.
  • Similarly what about this 'Evictee voted back IN' twist - Wow. Lisa was second apparently, but I think her doing a 180 and walking straight back in it maybe wouldn't have been that effective and a bit too soon more of the same - unless she was a bit coy like Jon was being or just went full DGAF with the full knowledge she wont be eligible to win (or be voted out - I think Jon kept saying '2 Weeks' like he will be there to/near the Finale).
  • Interesting that Tania declined to focus on post BB promo, and Anouska still in Australia, I think out of the Rest Jon was a good choice, Now we shall see what he does in this stint.
Onto Week 8!
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Finished Week 8 and on the home stretch now (Watched the last Saturday RR Task and Sunday BBLB of Week 9);
  • 2 Nights of Bingo Dates for the Rewards Room, First Night was a bit Girls Night In themed (Ray and Cameron) and Second was a bit more Boys Night (Scott & Nush).
  • Interesting we didn't initially see why Scott was so quick to put himself up to be the Bingo caller the first time. The weekend catch up daily show revealed that there was shouter outside with a megaphone about Nush being dumped. (We later find out 'Geoff' has struck up an exclusivity deal with the papers). So it's doing a number on him how his and Nush's friendship is coming off, however they both agree to not let it get to them and are back to usual by the following night in the RR together.
  • Final Nominations really playing on Ray's mind (also Jon digging in and doing some mind games about 'voting tactically and whoever voted for Nush hasnt got a shot at winning'). Ray feels guilty about nomming Nush over Steph, at first reassuring Steph when She was having another insecurity moment over Nush getting picked to go into the RR.
  • Then though, we have a moment where things come to a head! Kindof like Jade's freakout at around this point in the previous series, Ray and Steph have a bit of words in the garden (about the RR picking thing again or something), Ray storms off and ends up telling Nush he regrets nominating her. He and Steph (perhaps a bit drunkenly) soon truce it up shortly after and the next morning though. (It's also titled 'Fight Night' on BBLB News... 😅)
  • Before that though, theres another bit of a side eye moment with Ray, (sorta similar to the 'drag Tania to the Shower' moment) where Nush and Ray are mucking around early in the morning, nek minnut he's dragging her out to the kitchen to throw water at her (the others are following them out to tell Ray to knock it off if Nush's foot gets any more injured (from stacking it outside earlier walking back into the house)). And she ends up slipping over AGAIN.
  • Although, as is discussed with Jenni Trent Hughes (I've been enjoying some of her takes when shes been on BBLB), In that particular situation Both Herself and Dermot appear to be on the side of it looked like Nush was just as much in on the 'fun' and wasn't begging him to stop or anything so partial blame may be on her for slipping over again and aggravating her foot? Anyway It's still not a very good look for Ray and his fiery 'dosent know when to tone it down' moments perhaps IMO. He got a bit of a warning about it from BB.
  • Opera task was kinda funny ('Camerotti' lol - and was that Ray in overly done makeup looking quite purple, next scene he's washing up in the bathroom sans make up, then next hes got it back on but it looks a bit more lighter done?). This was fairly easy to pass.
  • Lisa was entertaining on BBLB, had some hot takes, also doing some tasks and stuff. Also had Bradley from SClub7 and some random Federico reappearance. Also I thought they were gonna chuck in Ronan Keating's song again in that song choice but as it was 60's themed, Doris Day won that.
  • Awkward moment at the start of the Eviction, Davina had to run out the camera run to connect back up with the camera outside. Cameron's apparently still got a secret. Which some speculate could just be Lisa's engagement news or something we already know).
  • Colour me surprised, I had Nush pegged as Final 2. I must have been misremembering seeing or visualising the Winner's announcement for this season somewhere. I thought she would be the Final girl. There's a bit of general chat that Steph could be first out of the Final 4 though and it being close between the 3 boys. Nush needs time to sort herself out, appears to be still friendzoning Scott but Ill be interested to get reading the where are they nows for this season soon.
  • Jon tries to warn Nush about the press printing what they like and paying you off but is interrupted by BB and warned off. He seems to have done enough stirring for the week and is gonna enjoy the final week.
  • Needle in a haystack challenge. The Jons questions wrong handicap gloves weren't even gotten to, Poor Scott spent the reamining time trying to find the second one (out of 5 possible). At least they got 2 nights and get to choose when the second night in the RR wiill be it seems.
  • Dermot quite funny all decked out in Yoga gear for Nush to teach him a few moves on BBLB.

    Onto the last week!
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I've been watching BBUK 2016 series when I go to bed.. Wow, what a shit show that is.. It's like the Jerry Springer of Big Brothers..

The producers of BBUK must really dredge the Thames for the garbage they recruit as HM's.. Those ferals just go hammer & tong on each other non stop :arghh: Every 2nd word is Bitch, every 3rd word is Fuck...
Ok so Pretty much done with BBUK4 (Just a couple more 'BB Diaries' 10 minute Vignettes to skim through) and I can start on BB5! First up some Final Week thoughts:
  • I like this task (I Think they also did this one in last week of BB2 (also from BB2 Finale, Davina's 'Big Mutha' shirt, this time its 'Reloaded') where they have to try and guess their fellow housemates personal opinions on some (Jon Tickle voice) 'Contra-verrrshial' topics and you get some interesting group discussions or expressions in the Diary Room. Some obvious squirming by Cameron trying to carefully curate and soften his expected stance on Gay Marriage (that was then of course analyzed by the Body Language expert on BBLB).
  • Also quite funny when Scott was describing a Prince Albert piercing in detail, or when Steph and Jon were discussing rectal exam stories and also the Boys having to explain 'Hide The Sausage' to Steph until the penny dropped. "Oh you could play that with your Boyfriend too" (Cameron recoils) Scott: "you could very well do.. oh its not that its 'worse than' with your girlfriend, thats just not your cup of tea, Cameron thats all". Some 2003 Progressiveness you love to see it.
  • In contrast we had the Self-Love discussion in the Rewards Room, with Steph on the side of its not a thing for some girls and she views it as a little self-degrading (or something along those lines). Jon then takes the opportunity of Cameron's noticeable silence to put him on the spot about expressing his opinions.
  • Bit of a grey area that one, if its something personal (like for example you dont have to explain why you dont drink if you dont want to), but OTOH theres also the added dimension in this situation where like Jon believes about Cameron that he is holding back specifically to play the game and portray a certain image, in that context it might be more reasonable to challenge that. But then it might also have the effect of drawing some sympathy for Cameron being hounded to give opinion when he dosen't necessarily have to, as someone on BBLB suggested. We also had Scott having an attempt on the Asylum Seeker question of the task but also admitting he didnt feel that educated on the topic enough to give a more nuanced or too much in depth response on it to BB at the same time.
  • They failed that task at any rate, but since its the final week and all, Christmas themed final shindig goes ahead. Funny to see the Pedalo and Foam Horses from previous tasks make a comeback for decoration.
  • Still on Jon, It was good of BB to not just blab that Jon couldn't win when the others kept including him in their countless 'Do you think you can win?" one on ones during the week. Compared to some other instances this Season where theyve straight up let the cat out of the bag near the beginning of the 'Twist' this was an interesting departure and kept up Jon's charade right until they showed him on Screen in house exiting (They could've followed through the other way and just removed him on Finale night instead of broadcasting it to the Final 4 but whatever.small alteration.
  • Also the 'Sexual Tension' with Jon and 'BB is always here for you Jon' in the Diary Room. What a cracker moment LOL. Interesting to see some more about Ray's er tension and taking the Doona to the toilet which iirc didnt make much to the Daily Shows but made it on Graham Norton in a skit. LOL. Also declining to display footage of the 'package' outline when Davina asked on finale.
  • Some more guests on BBLB, like Girls Aloud fresh in their first year after being on Popstars. interesting choice wins in the song poll, Lovefool and Ms Dynamitee over TaTu and Sugababes? Also funny retro moment as we all know Dermot and Cheryl would be on X Factor together a few years later. The Reunion show in the house was kinda different too, just the housemates in the house this time and doing some viewer/hm voted stuff).
  • Steph going first was not too surprising, and I knew Cameron was the Winner, Scott and Ray's positions I thought couldve gone either way.
  • Between Scott and Cameron, I guess Cameron did have the more 'louder' Journey, even discounting the Africa swap. Like Cameron himself kept saying (and I agree with) the start of him settling in and starting to come out of himself more really started in the week BEFORE Africa when he was up for the Double Eviction. Africa just helped solidify that a bit more. Wheras Scott on the other hand made it right through without being up for Eviction by the full house (it was only Nush funnily enough who put him up that first week) and kindof didnt have that pressure or gauge with the public, but then not really any other big storyline's of note as such other than the Nush thing a lot of the time. (Some of these might double into My Season wrap up/HM by HM summaries as well I'll post in a bit).
  • The Winners Week Special/Big Brother Diaries Minisodes were kindof expanded upon from last season too. This time it seems to be as much following Ray around as a central focus along with Cameron, and also stuff like Cameron getting right onto his American trip and taking Gos along.
  • I Looked up RI:SE, it seems it lasted roughly a year and was replaced by something else. Good to see Kate Lawler again, When she had Ray over her place it was kinda like a scene from a period TV show that tries to place the scene using the most nostalgic things possible in your face, They were dancing to Beyonce's Crazy In Love just screams mid 2003. Haha.
  • Ray and Tania seems to be will they or wont they as they play it up getting a kiss behind the scenes at the wrap party which the papers have taken and ran with. LOL.

    Will post some more as I think of or in the Season wrap up/Housemate blurbs in a bit.
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Wow, BBUK is so different from our BB, those ferals are horrible people - one female was wanting to leave and when BB asked her why - she went ballistic.

"Are you on fucking drugs, what the fuck ... fuck .... fuck ... etc etc ". I'd open the door and tell them to get out if I was BB - after speaking like that.

Another guy during a nomination refused to elaborate on his reasons why he nommed someone, "I just fucking said I'm not fucking saying anything more, I've fucking told you why" was the charming response & BB just pushes a little harder for a better reason ...

I don't really find people calling others bitch every few minutes & saying fuck every 2nd word very entertaining. Perhaps the poms enjoy that sort of dialogue ???

It does put me to sleep rather quickly though :biggrin:
Ok Done with the last few BB Diaries (Ray goes to the American Pie Premiere with Spencer & PJ! and low and behold, guess whats pumping at the afterparty... yup, Crazy In Love. LOL).

Some Overall BBUK4 Season Points;
  • The return of the weekly shopping tasks but still keeping the Saturday Live Task for the intro to the rotating themed Rewards Room was good, if some of the live tasks were a little basic.
  • It probably works better on rewatch (or watching for the first time 20 years later) But I kept thinking it wasn't that boring as it was made out, Maybe that came from the first 2 or 3 weeks, But every time I could forsee depending on who was left, that it could perhaps have the potential to be a little dry, thats when the twists started rolling in quite timely IMO to shake it up a little. Whether that was production haphazardly throwing anything at the wall may have been the case, But overall I think it worked out ok despite the way it happened to pan out with some of the eviction order could've been different, but thats that.
  • Although even in those first couple weeks, Random unplanned elements such as the continual failed tasks (thanks to Federico most of the time) and the increasing paranoia of the Girls being evicted one by one was still entertaining I thought. Also later like 'Whiff Watch'. Haha.
  • I suppose The Africa swap was perhaps a fixed point based on them saying they had been planning it since the previous year and was just lining it up, But maybe in hindsight the Double Eviction and Lisa's entry could have swapped positions. Also the nominees net for the Double could have been expanded (if not the entire 9 being up, it seems like they were prepared for that eventuality based on how Dermot phrased it in one of the BBLB intros) even if the outcome of Fed and Jon going at once could have still been the same.
  • Inserting Jon again was a pretty exciting twist (that sequence of him returning had a certain air about it) and he actually had a good crack at stirring some things up like he said. I can also understand Australia not ending up sending an Evictee over in exchange for Anouska's visit now with context, as it lined up with Lisa already causing havoc and then Jon's re entry and that was enough special guests for the moment. It's also understandable as we've seen thus far that like the differences in preverving as much of the Isolation aspect as they Can, BBUK prefers to keep intrusions to just the minimum they need to give the dynamics a poke, BBAU Intruders up to this point (and certainly beyond) Chuck a few in at a time and see what happens, have special celebrity guests, Gretel drops in etc.
  • Another point just the technology level - a few of the Psychologist segments this season as well as BBLB focused on the black wristbands that measured heart rate and sleeping patterns - something that would be quite novel for its day but now we have all that in smart watches connected to an app and stuff. I think I mentioned that night they had the games room for the RR, The motion controlled gaming system that was in there would've been novelty as well, this being pre-Kinect/Wii and maybe more rudimentary 'eyetoy' for Playstation or whatever.
  • There were a lot less head to heads this season in terms of nominations (maybe 2 weeks out of the entire Season?).
  • Anyway I didn't find it too boring (It took me a bit longer to get through because I took a few more breaks busy with other stuff in the last 2 or so months), I think the only eps that were a bit of a chore at times for me to get through were the 40-50 minute weekend recaps and the extended Sunday BBLB to get a rythm going again. The nominations daily episode was more skimmable Due to the Nominations Uncut episode being added this Season IIRC.
  • I think overall it maybe just lulls a bit in comparison with BB3 by going back to basics (a little too much at times where as a few comments suggest they still allowed books, and some housemates to get away with a LOT of sleeping in till the afternoon, although its said that the Live Stream often had Ray and Scott up with discussions and such) and maybe the cast was divisive. And then in retrospect BB5 comes after it (which I know some things about, but not a whole lot which I'll touch on in my next few posts).

    Next, some BB4 Housemate write ups.
This thread is making me consider watching BBUK. But do I dare get lost in the rabbit hole of BB binge again?
Dooo It. then I'll be able to react to your thoughts on the ones i've seen! I'm trying to get through at least the Channel 4 Seasons before BBUK20 starts. About to start the 'Golden Age' of BBUK (BB5-7) as I've heard.

I Also skimmed the 5 eps of Teen BBUK 2003 (and a Short recap supercut) for some context, So I'll post a few points on that too and move onto BB5.
Dooo It. then I'll be able to react to your thoughts on the ones i've seen! I'm trying to get through at least the Channel 4 Seasons before BBUK20 starts. About to start the 'Golden Age' of BBUK (BB5-7) as I've heard.

I Also skimmed the 5 eps of Teen BBUK 2003 (and a Short recap supercut) for some context, So I'll post a few points on that too and move onto BB5.
Since Survivor Au is about to end I am going to be quite lost without something to enjoy. The only thing that makes me think don't do it is that I'll end up writing thousands upon thousands of words like I did for the AU series and probably get lost in the world of Big Brother again. And given that my thoughts were growing as the seasons went on, I wonder how long they'd be with the UK seasons lmao. I watched BBUK6 and 7 about 4ish years ago, so it's probably been enough time to watch them again. I'm highly considering flooding the thread with deep analysis. We shall see.