Bachelor In Paradise 2019

Dude selection overall looks pretty poor. Pity the poor girls trying to eek out a storyline (and Insta followers) out of that motley bunch. I mean, Bill? Stop. Spare us.

Newsflash: No one gives a shit about Richie and Alex, it's such old news. If this, and Alex's lesbian tendencies (towards conveniently casted Brooke) are their only juicy angle then they better get Nikki Gogan on speed dial stat.

Vanessa Sunshine will be the STAR of the whole season. She won't hook up with anyone, but she will be AMAZING doing it.

James! Yay! But why would he do this mess?
Names confirmed so far:

Shannon Baff (who?)
Brittney Weldon (who?)
Rachael Gouvignon (again)
Brooke Blurton
Cat Henesey (NO)
Alisha Aitken-Radburn (NO)
Cass Wood
Alex Nation
Vanessa Sunshine (YES)

Paddy Collier (YES)
Bill Goldsmith (NO)
Nathan Favro
James Trethewie
Alex Bordyukov (Some Token USA Bach)
Richie Strahan

There are also brunette women in the twitter pics I simply do not recognise at all.