Bachelor In Paradise 2019

Alisha is billed by BIP as a "Political Advisor" to Bill Shorten which explains some things. Her linkedin profile says "Director, Events and Fund Raising, NSW Labor", which explains a lot more things....including the multiplier applied to positioning elevation spin for reality TV 'contestants' .....Ewwww to Bill the phantom Plumber.....and his dog park.


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Ratings last night for the finale: a national audience of 400,000-450,000.
I reckon Ten would have hoped for far more, even though it obviously would have topped the demos for the younger demographics!
Frankly the people they had on the island this year were not that interesting or controversial, or had the appeal of say Jarrod and Kiera for example.


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Alisha's demands on Jules have probably scared him off women for life. It's a shame, that unlike James, he didn't run for the door earlier.

The fact that every relationship was a total fail nicely sums up this whole premise. If you put fake, desperate, vapid people together you will get fake, sad and shallow relationships.

I doubt we'll see Bachelor In Paradise again. This season just seemed like a race to hook up the quickest, compatibility be damned.


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Just watching the last episode now.
Alishas crying didn't seem real. And oh, so recovered so soon! She'll not make a good actress - next!


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Oh, and I forgot to say, that crap Zoe pulled on Mack at the end, what utter garbage. She had to inflict one last punch in the guts to human punching bag Mack, by using him simply to validate to herself that she isn't completely unwanted because she was the only female left not coupled up.