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Congratulations Queen @Consuela! I never doubted you! 😀 You’re unstoppable!

Congratulations @originalflavours for winning the sweepstakes comp! Well done! 👍

Thank you so much for organising this comp @timmydownawell! It has been so much fun. You bring a lot of people together. You should be so proud of yourself! 🙏 Thanks for everything.

So after all that I came last at 17th! ROFL! 🤣 Christ! Really? That bad. I had a hard fall ironically just like Baden getting 0 points on the jury!


Team LaPags!
So after all that I came last at 17th! ROFL!

Stand proud. You came, you tipped, and you slayed that 17th place! So much so, here is your prize:



Many Thanks @timmydownawell for the fab sweep

And oh boy surprised to be 2nd, thrilled I made the top one time, congrats @Consuela, @Mr Stickyfingers
Congrats @originalflavours sweep winner

And congrats to @oddjob made big leaps, and both @FatPants and @davidftw for leading lots

Congrats to all participants.......keep on keeping on, I have been wooden spoon and this is my best ever effort
Mixed methods, my best week was just picking people I disliked to go,ie Nova and Steve
I loved Dave and Luke too much.......and still do

Great season all round, and they really need to ban betting on this.......how did they know ???