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Australian Survivor Ratings

Ep 2 last night was 492,000. It's a shame it has to be up against MAFS, it's better in it's usual Q3 spot but understandably TEN needed time to allow Amazing Race to shoot internationally.
@sav0001 are you not watching this season?

Ratings appearing to be steady for Survivor. Thanks to nameless FB group person that I nicked this from (and yes I liked their post) :p
Shonee's boot episode rose to 964,000 total TV viewers. Higher than any episode (aside from the Launch and Finale) from Blood vs Water last year. The Shaun, Sam, Paige and Fraser boot episodes also out-performed all of the general episodes of last season as well.
Glad it's doing well, although sadly gives Ten and the producers little incentive to address the most common complaints.
IMO they've fixed a lot. The minimal advantages was a big step up and the non elimination episodes have been harmless in comparison to the last few seasons, and have had as minimal impact as possible on the overall result. The big major issue obviously being the uneven edit. The story-telling part has been fixed, but the spread of the edit has not. I hope it is mainly because of George that the edit is lopsided, and that when there are new players next season there will be more airtime shared around. Even so, the amount of UTR players this season is a lot lower than previously.
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I just watched the latest US episode.
Although the episodes are shorter, it feels a lot more boring than our version.
I find my mind wandering, and I don't care about any of them.
I just watched the latest US episode.
Although the episodes are shorter, it feels a lot more boring than our version.
I find my mind wandering, and I don't care about any of them.
Might that be because they don’t “hero” edit people or focus on the most entertaining players? The editing also at this stage of the game I feel is very tight and it’s one thing to the next thing without any space to sink in.

I’m not a huge fan of the new US seasons but I do find one or two people to half invest in. I think it becomes clearer in the final stretch who to warm to and which cast are not your favorite.
I watch the US and the Australian versions of Survivor. I am American, but I have found the Australian version better the majority of the time. I like the Australian Survivor contestants better, more often than not. This season however has been an exception for me. There are too many followers this season, and it makes for a much less entertaining show. As of episode 21, three out of the five remaining are followers that have just been taking orders for many episodes, and that is just not very interesting.
They seem to have no clue as to what it takes to earn the title of "Sole Survivor". You can't lay low following orders for 20+ episodes and then try to pull off a move at the end and try to claim it is YOUR move and your move alone, and that one move entitles you to be worthy of the title of "Sole Survivor". You need a resume, for at least the last half of the game.
Please get rid of the sheep next year... Australian survivor is usually the best version... this year it has fallen flat. It remains to be seen if the US version will be any better. It's early but I'm not excited about it yet either this far in.
I prefer the Australian version these days.
This season had some great characters, but the problem is they are now all gone, with Simon being the last interesting one.

Imagine an endgame featuring George up against Simon, Shonee, Hayley, Jordie and Shaun, or one in which interesting characters like Stevie, Benjamin or Fraser lasted longer.

The cast were there, but the bizarre dominance of George trsilted in only the blandest of the bland surviving to the end.
The finale rose to 1.1 million viewers. Survivor AU is doing well. Hoping to see two series next year. We need as many newbies as we can before another inevitable retunee season comes along.
Once a year is enough, especially with 24 episodes.

For me it's not a case of wanting one newbie season every year - it's just having enough time between seasons featuring returnees. Ideally they'd be two all newbie seasons over the next couple of years before either a second All Stars or other mixed season, but if we get an all newbie season next year it'll probably means returnees the following year, especially as that'll be the tenth Ten season.
I guess for Ten it's only second to Masterchef in terms of their big reality franchises?