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Australian Survivor: Articles

Another crap theme - almost certainly sounds like it'll include ex contestants then given that theme.
It’s been confirmed it’s all newbies, which is a positive. But the theme itself is shit. The EP said in an interview the theme was something that was done in the US before. It was heavily agreed between fans that it would be a generation theme. Titans vs rebels just seems like a rip off of champions vs contenders/David vs Goliath.

Given the pattern of Australian survivor, we seem to alternate between a good season and a bad season. S1,S3,S5 and S7 have either mixed-poor reception whilst S2,S4,S6 and S8 all received praised and have been called top tier seasons of survivor. With many regarding either S2 or HvV as the objective best season.

So looks like we’re probably in a for a dud season. But I doubt it will be as bad as BvW. As long as the cast isn’t flooded with celebs I’ll be open minded. But it will be hard coming off the back of last season.
Should be instantly improved by not including George.

I just wish they'd deviate more from the 2x12 tribes and if non-elimination episodes are a necessary evil be a bit more creative with them. Ideally though rather than a mixture of 70/90 minute episodes 10 would drop a couple of episodes and if necessary claim back the time by making the 70 minute episodes longer instead.
Can't be arsed starting another thread unless there is some interest, but the cast has been announced for the UK series, which starts on 28th October.

They are starting to release some individual promos for next season now. If I had a dollar for every time a contestant said they would be underestimated by their fellow castaways...I'd be a rich man! Two for two so far.
Who was he?

Have any of this years cast been announced yet - don't they normally start promos with them six months before?
Who was he?

Have any of this years cast been announced yet - don't they normally start promos with them six months before?
Matty was the wrestler on champions vs contenders 2 who was extremely over confident towards the champions in challenges. He got barely any edit at all. He came 14th so no surprise you don’t remember him.

They’ve released a few promos for the contestants, they’ve been removed from tenplay, probably because they feature the original air date. They’ve released the cast photo as well as all of their names.