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Australian Survivor: Articles

Definitely returning players, but as far as newbies go someone on the Au survivor subreddit claims they know someone that got head hunted via insta. Grain of salt ofc.
Can confirm that people were being headhunted. Wouldn't be surprised if it was fans vs favourites. But if so, why do they need to recruit for fans? If someone was a fan, they would have already applied in previous casting cycles and they can source from that talent pool. No point trying to headhunt people who have no fucking idea that they want to play Survivor, otherwise you end up what we have had. Two seasons in a row where more than half the contestants have the personality and gameplay of wet cardboard.
I think just like skills in production and editing seem to have been lost in recent years it feels like the same applies to casting. I'm probably doing "casting directors" a disservice but feels like it's researchers given an Instagram account and told to recruit rather than a process to actually cast an entire show, rather than individuals.
I wonder why they're not returning to Fiji to share resources with CBS? Maybe there was a clash of timing for their shoot schedules? Or Covid-related issues?
US Survivor just finished filming season 44, so if they are filming in August, then Fiji should be free. Interesting decision to go back to Samoa.