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I’m happy for Luke and his family that he managed to raise the equivalent of the prize money without winning the game.


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I think that’s amazing. Being someone who knows what it’s like to live in a household with someone with cystic fibrosis and to be on the autism spectrum, my family can more than relate to Luke and I know for sure this money is going to help him massively. I wouldn’t even be mad if he doesn’t donate it, I hope this money puts him out of any financial troubles his in and helps make life a lot easier for his daughter.


A woman was just on the Project, a crime happened in her street......her comments were hilarious

Heard commotion, went outside,.........................she saw nothing because she was watching SURVIVOR AND WANTED TO SEE WHO WON


Never again



I gave money to Survivor’s Luke Toki too — but now I regret it
Australia, we’ve got it wrong — and in rallying behind Survivor favourite Luke Toki, we’ve missed a crucial point that cannot be ignored.

MORON wrote this, her opening is to give Luke her apartment....
Clearly not a SURVIVOR fan or she would know about the Fan Favourite - Luke is entitled to we the people electing him as our fab favourite and awarding him a cash prize.

I think they began Fan Fave USA for Rupert, another loveable rogue with family in need
Rupert unfortunately kept appearing and sucked more each time, his 1st pirate appearance was fun, but he turned out to have no substance
Luke is different,played twice really well


LUKE.........on HYBPA tonight

That Luke interview link you posted Reepbot.................goes on forever, I think it was 2hours at half way when I gave up