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Australian Survivor: Articles


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Well I do think Dave's days are numbered and Shaun is a big target so it's not inconcievable that at least one of them goes next week.



It's a shame about #2, 5, 7, 8, 13, 15, 16 and 21..
Is #14 Phoebe or Tessa? Both should be there.


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Literally only recognise about 6 of them, and three are from this season. I really do wipe my memory of reality stars the moment they leave our screens!


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Australian Survivor: Viewers fume over Pia’s controversial challenge win
Eagle-eyed Survivor fans hit the pause button during last night’s episode — and the moment lit a firestorm of controversy among viewers.

In short: after Simon and Luke agreed to give the immunity win to Pia, Simon let go, and Pia grabbed the bar with her second hand before Luke let go.

Endemol Shine Australia has today backed the actress in the wake of the controversy, telling news.com.au that “Pia was the winner of the challenge. All that were there saw the win play out this way”.

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