Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 6 Discussion


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Exile beach - boo! Well that's a waste of an episode then.

Nick targetting Zach didn't make any sense in the edit - does somewhat more from the tweet above.

I liked Abbie first time around but she didn't come across well in this ep - firstly with the pathetic comment they'd have won if they had another "30 seconds" when they lost the shootout 4-0. Mainly though for the classic closing ranks mentality of targeting "weak" players when you don't like them but when one of your own performs terribly the issue is completely dismissed. Jon should have been the easy vote last night and if Sharn flipped she was dumb to do so. If they really were worried about upsetting the so called leadership they should have targetted the head of the snake and got rid of Abbie.