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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 6 Discussion


And yes, family visits, family photos... all designed to slow the game down and give people the chance to realise they are all just people deep down. NEXT!


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Oh no, not Exile Beach.

Obviously there will be a brainy challenge, the producers won't let Shonee go yet.
Apparently talking tribal spoils the new green tribe and who comes back from exile.

I don't think there is an exile duel this time. It was never said in the "next time" preview, nor did JLP say anything of the sort. And the talking tribal clip would not have been shown had there been a duel. Also to add the leaked boot list (which has been correct including even mentioning tonight's fake tribal vote about Shonee & Zach) mentions nothing of a exile dual (at least pre-merge anyway, I haven't looked at the merge boots because I do actually want to watch the show with suspense at one stage lol).


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Crap twist. It definitely changed the vote, as if it's anything like a physical challenge you wouldn't send someone physically strong to 'exile beach' just to see them return.

Would have been interesting otherwise, though I also thought Nick very much overplayed. Getting Zak onside would have been more a help than trying to suck up to a group who are unlikely to be on his side anyway. No need to over-complicate things.
Perfectly good plan to vote out water-baby John. But probably only Shonee who actually followed through.
Sabotaged by:
- Sneaky Sharn
- Nasty Nick - same old Nick, he did this to his tribe last series didn't he? A real team builder

Non-physical challenge on Exile island, otherwise poor Shonee has no chance.


Nick is getting a lot of backlash for luring Zach in and then turning on him, but here he explains why.