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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 5 Discussion


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I thought it was Shonee that worked out it was fake and told Nick she thought Henry had put it at the back when he walked in.

The fake was important as it made Shonee more likely to play her own idol just to be safe. Henry had a chance of surviving otherwise, as most of the tribe were trying to blindside Shonee. They were splitting the votes slightly in the plan but Nick hadn't convinced many people to keep her.

The challenges are too much about physical strength overall and that does arguably skewer the game in favour of one type of player.


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Late to the party as usual but seriously....Brooke making a HUGE mistake here getting tight with Locky. She should know better than that as David...and everyone else ....is going to see the couple as a threat and she just moved up the target list dramatically. It would be a shame if she's gone because she really rocks that red and white bikini. Watching episode 6 tonight and hope I dont find her gone at the end though Locky is a much bigger physical threat. Tribe swap must be in the works soon.