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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 5 Discussion


Here to Reign™
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Hahahaha! Shonee has an idol.

But why is she besties with Nick.



David is just about my favourite player ever. I just love the way he plays. That invisible alliance with Matty Rogers could be epic.
I thought you would like, Henry, @kxk. He is like the David version of the green tribe.

You really don’t get David at all do you, he is having fun....Henry was making hell and is dumb & rat like
I like David’s brain even more than his gorgeous looks

Mr Stickyfingers

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...thanks for the fun with your postings tonight folks... nighty night... sleep tight... and don’t let the bed bu... erm... night all!... cheers.


Here to Reign™
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Shonee is the very devil. but I can just about put up with her if it strengthens the Nick/Harry alliance against the physical jocks.

She's a slippery one I'll give you that. But yeah this definitely seems to be the begining of the end for the Jocks. Tomorrow looks to be another edition of Abbey v Shonee. It seems to be Shonee, Nick, Harry, and Sharn vs the Five Jocks. So they need to flip one. I'd target Zach as although he's the jockiest Jock he's got to know he's not well liked amongst them.

He got Henry's fake idol deception immediately and tipped off the rest of the tribe. Without it, Henry may have almost got away with it.
The fake idol seemed irrelevant, and tbh I don't think Nick was the only one who thought it was suss.

Yeah I don't think it had any impact. More of a fail-safe in case any of the Jocks were going to flip as Shonee, Nick, and Harry all knew Shonee had an idol and weren't going to vote anyone but Henry.