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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 15 Discussion


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And if Harry had played his advantage and saved Nick, Nick would now have been the extra vote who saved him.

I was thinking that ever since the merge - it felt like Harry was leaning towards giving the advantage to Nick, but he asked his tribe for opinions and they convinced him not to, what a disaster. Pity as I think their tribe seems to have more fun rapport than the other one.

Also yeah, the pitch of blindsiding Jacqui is not exciting at all, whereas blindsiding David would be thrilling and so much better for the resume. I'm surprised no one in David's tribe has seemed to put much thought into targeting David ever since he showed of his idol several episodes ago either.

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@Mr Stickyfingers will be happy, that toothpick man is gone.

...wahoo!... he’s finally gone lol!... no more of that toothpick sticking out of that smug-arsed smile of his!... now he can disappear back into oblivion to selling ice creams again!... that is... unless he...um... *️*️SNORT*️*️ ... becomes the next *️*️titter titter*️*️ ‘Batchelor’ or something lol!... now to get rid of smug-arsed Brooke... she’s so ‘up’ herself!... cheers.


Harry was the only interesting player left, for me.
Moana is a bit interesting but lacks a twinkle of humour or likeability.
From now on it's just a game where half of them will OUTSMUG the others and probably get voted out for it, while the ones who OUTLAST will do so by being extremely boring and safe.