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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 16 Discussion


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Monday again so here's a thread.

I won't be here as I have to go see a monk about a dog, but don't let that stop you discussing tonight's pointless episode :)


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Whenever the next eviction is, I am tipping Shonee.

Why I hear people say.

On the official facebook page, they have shown 2 videos about her.

So I hear you say.

Last week they showed 2 videos of Harry & he was booted. :laugh:


...evenin’ all... I think that I’m probably the ONLY person in Australia that wants David to win this lol!... cheers.

Nope, me too
And hope my delightful sweep shonee can get to the final

Thankfully now I am all caught up and online again - was awful avoiding spoliers, I had to stop watching 10 all together

And I think I have aged 10 years moving, weary still

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...how da fuck vis AJ still in this?... he’s such a big useless piece of brainless shit that is definitely crap at puzzles... cheers.
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Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...hmmmm... why is it that I don’t mind watching two females wrestling in mud but when it’s two men I find it to be quite boring?... um... er... oh wait!... erm... forget that I said anything at all!... lol!... cheers.
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