Yeah, Nah.
Oh, it was the Amazing Race which was terrible this year in my opinion.

I really hope they can do a proper season soon!


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Yes, not heard anything either way if they're filming another season of that. Would have to be within Australia again surely if they were to do so this year, so perhaps a break until they can film internationally again would do it good.

I'm a Celeb, Survivor 2022 and Masterchef would see Ten through the first half of the year nicely.


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My VPN sub expires soon, need to switch to one that works with 10, because Torguard doesn't. Hasn't been a problem all this time, because there's been nothing to watch on 10 except Gogglebox. But I want to watch Survivor live with you guys.

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I just hope that Amelias recent foray into BB won’t lead her to introduce Survivor intruders or something like that.


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I really don't get how they can produce such a poor Big Brother but a really respectable version of Survivor. I guess it comes down to Ten not being as cheap as Seven seem to be - and also expectation. Survivor has always been a pre-recorded format, Big Brother a live format. I suspect had Seven picked up Survivor but decided to do it live it would be equally as problematic.