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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 5 Discussion


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Ooh, ET. Firing up. Frustrated and is he a behind the scenes bloke and the front of house people aren't doing their thing? Give them rope?

Dennis Haikalis

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It's great to see the Contenders doing well. Hopefully they do so well that they never get around to having to use that fake idol, lol.
I know right! So happy for the likeable bunch! It's seeming like the champions are dropping so quick that even with a tribe swap, contenders would still hold majority each way. Really hoping this is an actual case. However I do like the Luke/David/Abbey/Ross/Pia/Janine alliance.
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I know these sob stories are not everyones favourite, just thought id finally have my 2 cents worth, and just say having a family member with cystic fibrosis is no easy task. My sister was diagnosed at age 12 6 years ago so me and my family can heavily relate to Luke and are all backing him all the way!
The main reason I never had kids, was that I carry the CF Gene ..............