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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 15 Discussion


Here is Janine's blog about the last three votes:

Thanks, an interesting read.
Her reasons for needing Shaun out are valid, but I still think David and Luke should have taken precedence. Shaun was one challenge beast. David and Luke are two, and an unbreakable two at that. David can possibly be dealt with later, but if Luke gets to the final three, he wins.


Dogs are the best people
Daisy very briefly explained her vote for Shaun on instagram. And she isn't wrong. If she knew that there was no way to save Shaun and that the others had the numbers, then it is better for her future game to vote along with everyone else. It's probably why she looked so distressed at the tribal council

Always stay on the right side of the vote.


Hooray for Press Gang!
It was stupid, and showed Daisy's goat like abilities.

Perfect for David though.

Anyway, if Daisy is getting to the end there is no way she'd win against anyone remaining. The perfect goat.


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In the ad did David say he's intouchable? Umm, that shows how smart he is - unless I heard I didn't hear it correctly.