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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 13 Discussion


Shame about Ross, no one deserves to go out like that.
They should reconsider challenges that disadvantage people with shorter limbs.

I still hold to my opinion that they really should have considered flipping while they had the chance, because Janine seemed to be seriously contemplating sacrificing Simon sooner rather than later. We were spared confirmation of whether she really would have aligned with Harry or not, but the fact that it was Simon's name rather than Pia or Abbey confirms the pecking order.


True. No-one does deserve to go out like that.....not even an 'IQ-challenged, lowly sports person'. 😉
I don't know why you keep baiting me simply for having opinions on Survivor.
I've never described anyone as 'IQ-challenged' or 'lowly'. I've stated many times that I like Simon, and I liked him in his sport too, and have not expressed disdain for sport at all.
The only slightly derogatory thing I said was 'Ross and Simon are idiots for not flipping', which is clearly an opinion on their gameplay, nothing to do with being sportspeople. The loyalty comment was an observation on how a lot of the Champions seem to be playing the game - from Stephen and Nova onwards, it seems to be stick with the Champions at all costs, when there are other options available.

It's a shame that you can't take my comment about feeling sorry for Ross as genuine.


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Guess Ross won the $500k then as there is no way that was an accident - there seemed to be a clear fault in the production design for a rope to snap like that. Also really was the wrong call to continue with the challenge - was clear none of either team were really up for it and I don't think the viewers were up for watching it.

Although interesting to see Harry work his way to getting through another tribal I suspect Janine and Pia would have caved in ultimately. The only reason I see for taking him through is that he's an easy first boot at merge - not sure he had much connection with any of the Contenders on the Champions tribe, though we didn't really see enough to see.

Didn't really see the need to bring the Champions tribe over to say bye to Ross - they don't do that for regular tribals so let them discover the news tomorrow. Unless it was a request for Ross and the producers being at fault were doing everything they could to keep him happy.

So as a result we go into merge evens and that keep things interesting. I'd say one of the original contenders on the Champions tribe has the strongest chance of winning but wouldn't rule out Janine and Pia. Janine I think will disappear a bit amongst the bigger tribe and will easily be able to pitch for victory at the end. John you could imagine sneaking through as the big boys go out when the opportunity arises, but can't see him selling his game at the final tribal.


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Did we even hear an apology for what happened? Something as basic as a swinging rope.

And the idea of flipping on Simon when they weren't even sure if Ross would continue (and couldn't even talk to him), very weird. It just showed how confident Janine is.

Shame about Ross, no one deserves to go out like that.
They should reconsider challenges that disadvantage people with shorter limbs.
And this is the season they put Laura in as well. But any of those who are smaller like her, Casey, Pia aren't going to find some challenges very realistic. Casey said she already arranged in advance to sit out the so-called towers of terror challenge because her arms were shorter than the others.


Oh. FFS.
@Meglos Your ridicule (syn: mockery; derision) of the way "sportspeople" play the game was blatant.

In context, then followed by "no-one deserves" such an exit when your post had previously derided "no-one" as an idiot (syn: halfwit, imbecile)... read as a back-handed, over-compensatory expression to hide your former distain (my opinion).

I found that amusing and expressed as much using 'inverted commas' to emphasise my own conceptual labelling. I apologise if that lead you to believe I was a directly quoting you. I wasn't.