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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 13 Discussion


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Monday: Things get a bit panicked around the camps with all survivors feeling their necks on the line, but an unexpected setback at the challenge will turn the whole game on its head.


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And the challenge tonight looks very poorly thought through, with people having to hop from one high post to the next with distinct head-injury potential. What could possibly go wrong...


Going against all the spoilers I have seen and the betting odds tonight, I expect to lose......hoping all that stuff is wrong
Should be interesting whatever happens


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Ross's goodbye, oh crap
But he should be good at balance stuff, surfers are.......I don't want him going
The big wave surfing was what made me pick him for evac. I thought to myself: he's the type to take risks and get into trouble.
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Lol....I just wrote Ross's script an hour or so ago.. with him just verbalising his strategy about waiting for the next wave and striking at the right time....with a killer instinct (well, not that last bit).