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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 10 Discussion


Ross won that one, due to his freaky life saving underwater skills

I hope Daisey gets the chop bitch

Dennis Haikalis

Well-Known Member
Would have been more idol if they played both idols and cast votes for Andy instead, completely blindsiding everyone including Andy! And also saving Shaun.


Wake up boys......ie Luke/David, why would you trust Shaun/Daisey????
You are out numbered and thinking crazy


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The setup of the whole episode is that David goes, so that's what you'd expect really. But I'd rather Luke go, than David.

Saying he has beady eyes is really shallow though, best never to just judge on whether you like someone's looks or not. When you have gameplayers they can be people you can potentially work with, at least they give more opportunity than those who just stick to one group forever


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That is a big move from Andy but I still reckon its to early.
If he pulls it off tonight then he has a target on his back from now on
If he justs sits back he is part of the bigger numbers in the merge,
To soon Andy, to soon