Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 10 Discussion


Earlier in the day, I was considering delaying watching tonight
Not sure my nerves can take this roller coaster
It is both absolutely awesome, exciting; and kind of terrifying and too much

I pity the fools missing this for the shit on other stations


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So what's going to be so OMG about TC? My tip is based on a 4-4 Harry/Janine tie, where a revote doesn't fix it, and the rest draw rocks. Bit of a long shot though.
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I wonder if David already knows Shaun knows it's fake (if this is just scripted now), as there were words during a challenge he may have heard that showed people had suspicion of him. All this about him being confident in the confessionals that he doesn't know anything isn't realistic to me, it's like it's just setting up his elimination.