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...ha!... what?... did she forget that we're all sitting here and are watching her bitchy-arsed actions or something?... it's not a hard formula to follow... if you don't want to read nasty things about yourself then don't do nasty things behind peoples backs on National TV... simple!... hey Anita... come onto these forums and read what we're saying... you'll be chucking a huff even more dear girl... be nice and you will be treated nice you silly girl... cheers.
It's the same old thing of "I wasn't nasty, it's the way it was edited".
People were calling her out on the mean girl antics, the facial expressions, saying "my girls" and being unnecessarily nasty to or about Paige at every opportunity. I wouldn't consider any of those things personal attacks, just observations.
Anita apparently didn't like what she was reading and so asked to be deleted.
There are plenty of contestants there who can take constructive criticism and learn from how they are perceived, eg, Tara and Matt (magician).

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Is it just me who thinks Samuel is by far the best thing about this season?
...it's not just you Meglos my friend...I think that he's bloody great viewing...and what a Braniac... Shane/Sam and the Commando are the only ones that I like on the show now... I want either of those 3 to win this now... in the order that I wrote them too... the only ones that I can tolerate on the Contenders team now are Heath and Shonee... I don't want either of them to win this at all though... but yes... Sam is definitely one of my top 3 that's for sure... win this Shane Gould!... if not then Sam or the Commando... since my sweet dear Moana has gone I've decided to take on the oldest player Shane now to win this...(us oldies have to stick together lol!)... cheers.


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Once Mat put it in his bag, no-one can touch it. In one the early US shows they used to snoop in each other's bag to see if they had an idol, and I think someone even pinched one once. But they put a stop to that and you can't take an idol from someone's bag. Once Moana willingly handed the idol to him, he was under no obligation to ever give it back. It takes a lot of trust to do that, and when there is $500k at stake, it's a pretty silly thing to do.

This is why it seems suss. Maybe she was already sick and wanted to quit so she gave it to Mat, so that they could "vote her out" at their next TC (which was like four days later because they won the next immunity challenge).
But as I said Matt did exactly the same on the NZ version, he gave it to Lisa but still said he had ownership. Lisa just said she'd try to forget to bring it for him. Either the rules were like that or they were absolutely clueless about the actual rules and the edit hid that.

There is definitely something strange about the edit, Moana could well have been ill much longer than shown. If they had shown her literally giving the idol away they would have had to give a good reason, and that reason could indeed have been her just wanting to leave. Her just having respect for and wanting to gain the trust of a fellow contestant wouldn't really be enough. But they wanted to play up some kind of suspense at tribal council, and it's possible that all of them knew she was leaving anyway. Having two medivacs together near the start isn't the best TV and they may have tried to cover the seriousness of it.

Shane from what we heard was searching at every reward (and maybe challenge too) as well as at camp but we don't seem to have been shown it until now when it was relevant to her actually finding it. It's not that unusual for an idol to be placed after one has left the game, or for one to be placed at a reward. The others didn't seem bothered in looking and just left her to it. The producers could have moved it around though that's speculation. What was more puzzling was that she was hardcore looking for it for days and yet when she found it she seemed unsure if she wanted it. That's why I prefer a gamer like Russell (even if he's a foreigner in this version) to others who aren't about to play that hard.

Not that bothered about bitchy Anita, going by the edit she'll not get to the end. It's someone to root against a bit, but at least she's playing the game. It does look very obvious who is on the outs on both tribes . I don't mind Paige really, and I haven't seen much that suggest she's that annoying. And normally I prefer to root for underdogs. However the poker player I'm not that bothered with, though it's funny seeing her big behind struggle to get over obstacles. She's been very lucky so far, if she's meant to be some Australian Russell she's fallen way short.

I don't have that many faves, but the Miss Australia champion has a very cute smile.


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I just caught the end of Moana's live chat on FB. She said she was looking forward to see what they said about her after she left (not sure we'll see any of that tbh) but also to "see what happened to my idol".

@starry I don't know why anyone would get someone else to "look after" their idol. They each have a bag of their own, don't they?


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@starry I don't know why anyone would get someone else to "look after" their idol. They each have a bag of their own, don't they?
It's very strange, I think it's meant to be a variation on telling someone you've got an idol to build trust. Though I've never really understood the point of that either, idols are meant to be kept secret really unless you want to play it for someone else and/or need to use the knowledge of one to target votes elsewhere.

We'll find out in upcoming episodes what happens, but as there seem to be a few idols in play it would have been ok neutralising that one and just putting another out there. If Mat has one now it would be nice if it was explained that he knew she was going and was given ownership of it by her, or they might just brush over it and play on the audience just automatically assuming he inherited it.