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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 6 Discussion

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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And now I don’t. So Mr Sticky can you please put up the leader board again? Feeling massively guilty that I’ve forgotten to post for the last two weeks. My only excuse is that I’ve been reading a lot. Over to iview
...Timmy puts the leader boards for the sweep up in the sweep thread dear Beachsands but here is the latest Survivor Chart with my sweep pick Moana gone... my sweet sweet Moana... bummer!... cheers.

survivor chart 2018.jpg


Here to Reign™
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Zach psycho, sexist... and THOSE LEGGINGS, I don't know which is worse.
I actually like the 'leggings'. :oops:

I know, I know. I need Jesus. But a boy can look!

I think my gaydar is broken too after Jericho turning out straight.
I'm fairly certain our gaydars were in working order. They were working too well.