Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 6 Discussion

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And now I don’t. So Mr Sticky can you please put up the leader board again? Feeling massively guilty that I’ve forgotten to post for the last two weeks. My only excuse is that I’ve been reading a lot. Over to iview

...Timmy puts the leader boards for the sweep up in the sweep thread dear Beachsands but here is the latest Survivor Chart with my sweep pick Moana gone... my sweet sweet Moana... bummer!... cheers.

survivor chart 2018.jpg


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Oh Moana :(

At least Shane's idol was flushed, but it astounds me that they made it so easy for her to find.
I'm at a loss as to why producers put a second idol into play for the Champions, unless it was pure shenanigans and done in the knowledge Shane was (then) next on the block and done purely to protect her.