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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 23 Discussion

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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Hey all - long time Survivor fan, first time poster.

I can’t see how Shane can possibly miss Final Two - if she wins immunity (unlikely given the description of it) all well and good and as she has already stated, she would place honour and loyalty above strategy and take Sharn; if Brian wins (probable depending on the weight/strength ratio demands of the challenge) he will definitely take Shane rather than Sharn (and then be stunned when he loses); there is a slim chance that Sharn could flip if she wins immunity as she knows winning against Brian would be a lay-down misere, but unlikely given her speech tonight about being respected by the jury, so I think she would take Shane through also.
...hi Zinfandel... welcome to the forums... I hope that you join in and become a regular poster along with us all... it's always great when new posters join in and have new opinions about things with us... and... I agree with you about Shane being in the final two... I'm really happy about that too because I've wanted her to win this nearly every episode along the way... it will be great if she does... if not... then Sharn... anyone but Brian... lol!... cheers.