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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 24 FINALE Discussion

I *THINK* the Final 2 will be:

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Mr Stickyfingers

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...aw man!... am I hanging out for this or what?... very annoyingly so I do think that Brian the grub will wangle his way into the finale because he has good upper body strength and will oust Sharn out as soon as possible if he wins the immunity... that will leave him and Shane... being that Brian is as popular as a fart in a submarine (and probably smells like that all of the time) then Shane will become the new Australian Champion Survivor for sure... he will be bewildered as to why he lost... Shane will be hounoured and proud that she won and most of us will live happily ever after methinks!... go Shane you good thing you!... WIN THIS!... cheers.


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Honestly I had to brush work early this arvo. After lunch I was getting excited about tonight, I was all over the internet, clock watching and at 4pm said bugger this I'm going home to prepare, HA.

Wow I cant pick a winner, i just dont know. If its a mental strength type challenge, like having to stand for hours, I would back Shane and would think she would take Sharn but Shane would win.

Brian should win just about anything else and who knows how he thinks with regards to who he will take with him, I reckon if he took Shane the jury would respect him and give it to him. I dont think they will be a bitter jury, they were all game players so I reckon Brian if he gets there is as good a chance as anyone.

I guess just on a personal preference I will root for Shane but I'm really not fussed. I truly think these three deserve it equally.

Should be good though.


Big guys usually don't do well in balancing challenges, I'm hoping that holds true for Brian tonight.
If he does win immunity he'll take Shane, who will beat him in jury votes anyway, so I'm fairly confident I'll be happy with the outcome in the end.



Good luck to everyone tonight! I am pumped for a hopefully 2 woman finale, which will be amazing since older women traditionally get the boot early on in the game.

Yeah I'm all for that too, At the start of the season I had no preference for either a male or female winner, but throughout the course of the season Shane and Sharn have stepped up as the strongest and smartest players, and it's fantastic to see especially given that reality tv doesn't always allow opportunties for older women. They have earned it, beyond a doubt.