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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 19 Discussion


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So Monika just threw away her champions jury votes on some dud arse deadman garbage. She should of waited.
I really dont get the point of thjs deadman thing. They just gonna vote commando tomorrow. I really dont get the point.
The only point is they need three episodes in the season where no-one goes home. This was #3. At least with Exile Beach it counted for tipping. This was just plain annoying.


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Well after comprehending what exactly a dead man walking is I'm not as annoyed about my tips. Know who I'll be tipping next Monday though!

I think it's either her or Fenella that go tomorrow as the Foxtel EPG states that some tribe members are accused of being carried through the game.
That definition would include Shonee as well LBH. But luckily for her she's more popular than Fenella. So it'll be Monika vs Fenella.

Fenella - Monika, Sharon, Shane
Monika - Brian, Fenella, Shonee

So someone is going to have to switch.